Eddie Irvine: I Never Had A Problem Getting Personal

Formula 1 Championship


The excitement of 2021 formula one is soaring each day. As much as people are more interested in what is happening on the circuit, they are also quite excited about the up-close with their favourites. Betway recently had an open and free interview with four-time Grand Prix winner and world championship runner up Eddie Irvine.

In the interview with Betway, he talked about his experience during the grand Prix times, what he thinks of the 2021 season, the competition between Verstappen and Hamilton and what he feels about a player going personal on each other. You can also get Fake pennsylvania drivers license online.

A little about Eddie Irvine

Eddie Irvine is a former Grand Prix racing driver with four Grand Prix wins under his belt in a career spanning from 1993 to 2002 in formula one. He also holds the runner up position in the 1999 world drivers’ championship. He then drove for Scuderia Ferrari.

He started his career in racing at the age of 17. He started with the formula ford championship, then formula 3, and formula 3000. In 1993 he joined the Jordan grand Prix and made his debut in Formula One. Here, with Jordan, he scored his very 1st podium in the year 1995. In 1996 he joined Ferrari, and by 1999 he had won four Grand Prix. He also got 22 podiums and ended up being runner up world championship against Mika Hakkinen from Finland. He retired from his formula one career in 2002. 

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He is currently is a media and sports personality in Great Britain with some shows and talk shows under his belt. He is also one of the richest in Ireland due to his well built real estate investment portfolio built during his active years.

The excitement surrounding the 2021 season

During the interview, Eddie Irvine was asked about the recent 2021 formula one season. He seemed excited about the way the season is unfurling. He is most excited about the head to head competition that both Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen are giving each other.

According to him, Max Verstappen is pumped with talent and is currently the fastest. Verstappen has finally put together his act both off the circuit and on the circuit after six toiling years in formula one. Without any doubt, in the recent circuit, it is seen that coming even close to Verstappen is very difficult. He is the fastest in the team and exorbitantly dominant in terms of performance. None of his team members is even close to what his performance is on the circuit.

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But then Eddie Irvine is also aware that Lewis Hamilton is still the top player in the game. He is a thorough professional and has years of experience in formula one. Even if Verstappen is fast, Hamilton has no weak spots in his skill, speed and strategy.

For Irvine, both of them are at the top of the game, and he is super excited about what this season ends with.

Going personal among competitors

In some recent instances and press conferences, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton went personal with each other. Many people objected to this, and some said it is normal for competitors to go personal during the competition heat.

When asked about this, Eddie Irvine, though it is not very normal these days, it was normal during his time. These days players are highly professional, and they act highly guardedly during press conferences and public appearances.

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As per Irvine, he never had any issues going personal against his competitors. He thinks that F1 is very much like war, and everything is fair in war. Formula one is like a war zone where the professional and personal things get mixed, and people start harbouring emotions for and against people.

When a driver is playing, he is playing for his team, company and members. Worrying about the competitors is not always the priority. He also said that as players are more guarded these days, it is not as fun as it used to be during the old times.

Lastly, he also talked about what it was like to share the same team as Michael Schumacher. Eddie Irvine says that even if he played second fiddle to Schumacher, it was still a great experience. There was no way one could come close to him on the circuit, as he was a pure magician who could make the most of a car.