BT Sport VS. SKY Sport: Which British Sports Streaming Service to pick outside UK


You are outside of the UK on a vacation and the whole world is enjoying the game in front of the TV! Don’t need to check the score anymore. Trust me! Enjoying your favorite sports when you’re on a vacation outside of the UK is not a myth anymore! 

In some cases, we lose the chance to enjoy the moment. The days of sorrow are over! Just follow the plug-and-play rules. But how can you get BT Sport or Sky Sports to watch your favorite game? Isn’t it complicated? 

It’s true, you need to choose one for the best deal. Choosing one outside of the UK is a bit different. Because you need a VPN to get a subscription plan and watch BT Sport outside the UK. We need to explain more about it. 

What Do Sky Sports And BT Sports Offer To Us?

In this position, BT Sports and Sky Sports win the race, but not in every country, especially outside of the UK.  It’s hard to make a comparison between these two providers. 

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We figured out some key differences in price, service, channels, coverage area, and others. So, which one should you select? 


Both Sky Sports and BT Sports offer tons of programs and sports-related events. Still, they are not equal in service. 

BT Sports offers different Football leagues (UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, Australian A-League, Bundesliga, FA Cup, etc.), Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Motor Racing, Boxing, US Sports, Red Bull Crashed Ice, and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). 

On the other hand, Sky Sports offers Football (Premier League, Scottish Scottish Cup, MLS League, Eredivisie, La Liga, League 1, League 2, Championship, Premier League, Chinese Super League, etc.

Premier League Football & UEFA Competition

In every season, BT Sports covers the premier league. Almost 42 shows you can see through BT Sport. Even it shows some of the biggest clashes like Europa League games and the UEFA Champions League. BT Sports has the right to show it. 

Sky sports doing its best in this case. 126 exclusive matches of the Premier League are in their grip. 


From different packages, you can get the services of BT Sport and Sky Sports. But not all of them are available in your region. 

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BT Sports is available on BT TV, Virgin Media, Sky TV, TalkTalk, and Plusnet. On the other hand, get Sky sports on Sky TV, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, BT, and Now TV.


In terms of cost, BT sports are far better than Sky sports. Sometimes, both providers come with special offers. Through Virgin Media, BT sports will charge £18 a month. The VIP bundle, it will cost £27.99 a month.

 On the other hand, Sky sports cost £22 a month. At Virgin Media, it will take £31.75 a month. In this competition, TalkTalk will run Sky TV services for £34 a month.

Which Sport You Can Watch Using VPN on BT Sport?

As a die-hard fan of sports, a VPN allows you to get access to BT Sport. Don’t worry about enjoying popular events with action. Here is the list of sports sections that are available to enjoy BT sports outside the UK. Have a glance at them. 

  • Rugby Union
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • GAA
  • Formula 1
  • NFL
  • Boxing
  • NBA
  • Netball
  • Major golf

Which Sport You Can Watch Sky Sports Sport?

Sky Sports is not as good at streaming sports as BT Sports. Still, this streaming service is giving tough competition. First, we can mention all of the sports channels available on Sky sports.  and here they are. 

  • Sky Sports Football 
  • Sky Sports Cricket 
  • Sky Sports Racing 
  • Sky Sports Golf 
  • Sky Sports NFL
  • Sky Sports F1
  • Sky Sports Premier League 
  • Sky Sports Main Event 
  • Sky Sports Action 
  • Sky Sports News 
  • Sky Sports Mix 
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You enjoy different sports events on these channels. Here is the list of available sports events on Sky Sports.

  • Premier League Games
  • Cricket Matches
  • Formula One races
  • La Liga
  • Premier League
  • English Football Club
  • SPFL
  • Chinese Super League


Now you have got a clear scenario of who wins the race and offers the best service outside the UK. As a sports lover, it’s hard to choose only one on this premise. The increasing competition between these two service providers makes us happy. 

Day to day, they are adding more shows, events, minimizing the cost, and increasing coverage. Customers will allow the easiest option to get the service package. 

Choose the only one that meets all of your requirements. Don’t forget to get the best VPN subscription to make your watching experience much better.