7 Streaming Services in the Philippines: Which One is Right for You?

Streaming Services

The increase in local streaming and video-on-demand platforms over the previous year or two have allowed Filipinos alternatives to choose the services which most interest them. Followed by the rising usage and easy availability of VPN services, it has become simple to access geo-restricted sites as well. This means you can easily watch Hulu in the Philippines.

With the rising fashion of video-on-demand streaming, subscription to one platform is becoming very common among Filipino folks.

However, it is essential to evaluate which service works & better serves your tastes before planning your binge-watching activities, and so we have enlisted the top 7 streaming platforms available in the Philippines to help you in making the right choice.

7 Streaming Platforms in the Philippines

Amazon Prime Video

-Charges: USD 2.99 a month during the first six months, then USD 5.99 a month afterward

-Reasons to join: Award-winning exclusive entertainment including Transparent, American Gods, and Mozart in the Jungle can be enjoyed via Amazon Prime Video. Sometimes licensed programming out of its major rivals, such as Game of Thrones of HBO or The Handmaid’s Tale of Hulu, are offered. Furthermore, it offers a viewing offline functionality that lets concurrent streaming on a total of three gadgets.

The complimentary Twitch Bundle which comes alongside your registration offers you access to Twitch’s original videos & streams, which is yet another perk that gamers will appreciate.


-Cons: The service provides a la carte entertainment which charges additional and that is not included with a subscription. Many of the licensed programs change constantly, much like Netflix.

-Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 10, Smart TV, Game Consoles, and Set-top Boxes.


-Charges: Netflix does have a higher monthly charge than the other providers on this listing, costing P370/month for the Basic plan, P460/month for the Standard plan, and P550/month for the Premium plan.

-Reasons to join: The platform keeps providing brand-new, original new shows to its members to binge-watch, namely House of Cards, Narcos, and Stranger Things, to name a few. Moreover, the bulk of them allows Dolby Atoms, HDR, and 4K UHD which is ideal for those who have a quality home theater system.

By establishing separate accounts for every user of the service, customers can further customize their streaming experiences and help Netflix suggest the appropriate films and Series episodes to customers. Most packages allow concurrent monitoring on various usernames for family and friends.

-Cons: Licensed material is regularly being uploaded from or deleted from the network.

-Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 10, Smart TV, Game Consoles, and Set-top Boxes.


-Charges: P59 for a week, P149 for a month, and P125 for movie rentals

-Reasons to join: HOOQ offers a broad range of global and regional entertainment shows and flicks. The long-anticipated On The Job sequel will eventually be released on this platform including other regionally produced new content.


All videos can be downloaded for offline consumption and the service supports concurrent streaming on 2 gadgets.

-Cons: This is best suitable for individuals who wish to watch via mobile smartphones or tablets since UHD (4K) content isn’t accessible. Certain material is also restricted by a rental mechanism.

-Platforms: Web, Android, iOS.


-Charges: P10 a day, P40 a week, or P99 a month

-Reasons to join: All of the entertainment produced or aired on ABS-CBN is gathered in one place via iWantTV. Users of the services receive exposure to the channel’s enormous collection of original content, movies, newscasts, and also other entertainment. Members might use their smartphones to stream any station on that network.

The greatest feature is that you really can view recent seasons for free as well. For anybody who loves the network or its material, its subscription is a necessity.

-Cons: The platform doesn’t support concurrent streaming between multiple gadgets, which is a disadvantage.

-Platforms: Web, Android, iOS.


-Charges: P199 every month

-Reasons to join: HBO Go includes every piece of material which is featured on its cable network versions, such as all original series, television programs, sports competitions, documentaries, and chat shows. For those seeking to catch up on series including Silicon Valley, Veep, Westworld, and Game of Thrones, this platform is unquestionably needed. Moreover, the platform allows consumers to live stream with all their stations. The service may be used concurrently for a maximum of two devices.

-Cons: Identical to Fox+, the material variety might seem limited if contrasted to certain other services in this assortment.


-Platforms: iOS, Android, or Web.


-Charges: P390 every month

-Reasons to join: Fox+ offers a range of media, out of its library of films and tv shows and live sports competitions. Homeland or The Walking Dead have local homes here. Moreover, subscribers have access to live broadcasting for all three Fox Sports networks. It supports downloading for offline consumption and allows a maximum of two devices to stream simultaneously.

-Cons: The drawback is that relative to the other services on this list, it provides a limited list of on-demand entertainment.

-Platforms: iOS, Android, or Web.


-Charges: P129 every month

-Reasons to join: iFlix offers a remarkable range of national and global entertainment shows and flicks. Special local access is offered for programs such as Fargo or Mr. Robot, which have gained great praise. The service also provides a fair variety of episodes in other languages. Regarding offline streaming, there’s a download capability, plus a maximum of two gadgets that can stream content instantaneously.

Given the amount of material you receive for the price you pay; this is a fantastic deal.

-Cons: The disadvantage is that, like HOOQ, its content doesn’t enable UHD (4K).

-Platforms: iOS, Android, or Web.


The aforementioned lists of streaming services are indeed the best platforms currently available in the Philippines. We recommend subscribing to Netflix bearing in mind its functionality and wide range of content libraries!