chiropractic hip adjustment

Osteoarthritis of the hip has been a common joint ailment that causes immense pain, discomfort, inflammation, and stiffness of muscles. One of the prime causes of this disorder is age, while some of the secondary causes include obesity, previous injuries, family history, and even overuse. The hip pain generally followsContinue Reading

Neurological Damage

Students are often afraid of admitting mental health problems for fear of tarnished reputations or disqualification from their peers. Mental health problems lead to severe consequences such as suicides or delinquency. Students most of the time do not remain objective while discussing mental health problems as these are issues directlyContinue Reading

There is quite much air contamination, dirt, and dust that falls on our faces very quickly as we travel through our hectic schedules. These are not the only substances in the air that can damage the skin; there are many free agents and toxic gases in the air these times,Continue Reading