HTTP Headers

Businesses that want to gain a competitive edge over their competitors find web scraping very important. Web scraping is the process of extracting relevant and useful public information from another website. This method can be used to retrieve large amounts of data that can be useful for your business. OnContinue Reading

software development

There is no doubt that software is at the heart of nearly every business. If there is one point nearly every company required to keep it moving, it is software. This is why many corporations spend on customized resolutions to help them streamline methods and develop day-to-day actions. Some peopleContinue Reading

social media strategies

Social platforms are the major factors that determine the business of almost all sorts of companies. People check social platforms to know about a brand product before making a purchase. Thus, the way a company presents itself on social platforms plays a vital role in its sales. These platforms haveContinue Reading

attendance tracker app

Introduction Managing payroll is a tedious task. The huge expenditure of any business, the ‘Salary and Wages,’ depends on many factors like work quality, overtime, target achievements, and the most important factor is ‘attendance.’ Is the employee present at the workplace at the stated time? Hence, it becomes of utmostContinue Reading

convert pdf to word

Handling tons of various files is crucial, especially if you have a lot in hand and don’t have the right tool. But with GogoPDF, everything can be so lightweight and straightforward. If you wish to convert a PDF into other file formats or the other way around, the GogoPDF’s converterContinue Reading

multimedia message download failed

Among all other annoying messages, we encounter online, “Failed to download attachment from multimedia message” can get most annoying too. You can totally understand the importance of sending files online, whether you send fine via email, or some other application such as messenger. File will never be transferred unless youContinue Reading