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If it weren’t for technology many of things wouldn’t have changed. The word as we know it today wouldn’t have existed. That’s why we can enjoy a much easier life nowadays than before. Many industries have benefited from the advancements in technology. One of them is the casino industry andContinue Reading


As the ongoing pandemic is wreaking havoc in the gambling industry, forcing millions to shift from the once-loved brick-and-mortar casinos to online platforms, punters are looking for safe alternatives. Speaking of which, there are very few ways to make sure your online casino – either it is Boomerang Casino orContinue Reading

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Like many other individual sports, professional golf is one in which it’s incredibly difficult to piece together complete and utter dominance.  When you play with a group, like in soccer, basketball, or baseball, it’s easier to develop consistency. The field of competitors is smaller, because you’re dealing with entire teams,Continue Reading

Triple A games

A decade has arrived and passed, and time has conferred us over that we exist in a trivial world where we eventually disappear. But hello! There were several chilling plays forward the direction. Countless games went into this catalog that was misinterpreted, never getting the attention they deserved. This isContinue Reading

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Surely the internet made a lot of things easier, including gambling, as nowadays most players prefer to enjoy the comfort of their home. However, there is something just special about land-based casinos that can’t be replaced. Going to a land-based casino is an entire experience that goes beyond just theContinue Reading