The game of cricket is not only a sport in India but it’s a ritual that brings the nation together. People of India take cricket as their religious duty. That’s why they are very sensitive when it comes to these English sports. But the main question remains the same thatContinue Reading

rogerio ceni

The Brazilian championship comes to the finish line — the time comes for decisive confrontations. At this very moment of the season, Sao Paulo announces the termination of cooperation with Hernan Crespo and the appointment of Rogerio Ceni as coach. On the website, you can predict how these changesContinue Reading

online bet

Online gambling has become a global phenomenon. Betting is a multi-billion dollar industry, and if you’re unfamiliar with it, it may seem like a lucrative opportunity. But there are potential risks to consider before you start betting online. With online gambling, you can bet on sports and casino games. SomeContinue Reading