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Until 2022, the Montenegrin economy was import-oriented and not focused on manufacturing luxury goods. Now, the country is entering the global market of premium products in the alcoholic beverages segment. Noblewood Group acquired production facilities in Montenegro, renovated them, investing 40 million EUR, and hired over 200 professionals. By 2025,Continue Reading

Alexander Galitsky

In the earlier years of his career, Galitsky was a satellite engineer in charge of an entire battalion of employees and a multi-million-dollar budget in a state space program. However, the early 90s marked another milestone in Alexander Galitsky’s biography when he set sail for the world of business. WithContinue Reading


Russia’s role in Ukraine’s crisis has psychologically affected the 19 European countries that use the euro as their currency. The euro has dropped to its lowest level against the US dollar in 20 years, signaling the end of the two currencies’ 1:1 exchange relationship. This is a mental barrier inContinue Reading


On June 22nd, the Shenzhen JPT Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (JPT) announced their signing of the “Equity Transfer Agreement” with Ruisheng Automation, its shareholders (Anhongji, Shuangcheng Ruijian), and the natural person shareholder, Zhu Xi. The agreement states that JPT will acquire a 20% stake in Ruisheng Automation, paying out 20 millionContinue Reading

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Listing all the extremely talented cricketers that have come from Australia would be an endless task. Now it is possible to visit best online betting website in order to start wagering on cricket from that country. An excellent player to ever come from that part of the world isContinue Reading

9 11 victim compensation fund

During the September 11th terrorist attacks, which crashed two commercial passenger airplanes against the World Trade Center (WTC), the United States (U.S.) federal government came up with institutional responses to address the impacts and consequences of the attacks on hapless civilians. The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund or VCF wasContinue Reading