JPT Seeks 20% Stake of Ruisheng Automation For 20 million Yuan


On June 22nd, the Shenzhen JPT Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (JPT) announced their signing of the “Equity Transfer Agreement” with Ruisheng Automation, its shareholders (Anhongji, Shuangcheng Ruijian), and the natural person shareholder, Zhu Xi. The agreement states that JPT will acquire a 20% stake in Ruisheng Automation, paying out 20 million RMB for the acquisition.

Ruisheng Automation

Core Technology: AA Calibration & Machine Vision

Known as a manufacturer of automated intelligent equipment, Ruisheng Automation utilizes core technologies, the most famous of which are Active Alignment Calibration (AA) and Machine Vision. AA Calibration, in particular, is quite pervasive, being used to determine the relative position throughout the assembly process for spare parts.

Ruisheng Automation uses its AA technology alongside design, R&D, sales, & production. The company uses this to provide their downstream customers with numerous products, ranging from the automatic module AA equipment to the vehicle AA equipment, to the wide-angle AA equipment.

In addition, the Ruisheng Automation company works to provide both front-end assembly as well as back-end testing equipment for their optical products and one-stop solutions.

Downstream Products & Applications

In particular, Ruisheng Automation, the company has a wide variety of products and technologies. Specifically, in terms of their downstream application, they cover the numerous aspects of the camera module industry. This includes smartphones, tablets, computers, wearable smart devices, vehicle lenses, surveillance/security cameras, and AR/VR devices, just to name a few. They have also recently gotten into the 5G space, handling optical communications as well as other non-standardized fields.

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Currently, on the machine vision side of things, Ruisheng Automation can develop image analysis underlying algorithms, motion controllers, and precision-based mechanisms.

Their R&D department has, as a result, thusly been able to master dozens of imaging analysis algorithms. These include both AA coupling and focusing algorithms; both of which are core technologies that are organically combined with the industry to produce a rich project experience in the field of high-precision assembly and testing.

Company Timeline & Trajectory

Back in 2020, during the pandemic, the company worked to fully upgrade its integrated equipment as well as many of its AA equipment models. There, they were transitioned from non-standardized to fully automatic for mobile phones.

This year, in 2022, they have since expanded their entire in-vehicle production line. There, they have laid out the entire process, including both the front and the rear camera modules. This is done in no small part thanks to their AA algorithm as well as their glue-type detection algorithm. These are both instrumental in achieving high-speed, high-precision AA alignment.

At present, the AA process includes various aspects, including an optical anti-shake, ultra-high pixel dual camera module with a large aperture. This is in addition to many of their other active alignment mechanisms, all of which are well-produced and highly efficient. The production efficiency for imported AA equipment often surpasses more domestically produced equipment. This means that, at present, many manufacturers rely on Ruisheng Automation’s imported AA technology.

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In particular, the company has focused on the development and production of AA equipment, with many reaching the same levels of output per hour (OPH) as the foremost leading manufacturers. There has since been a massive push to help promote the domestic-independent and controllable production and processing of AA equipment.

As of May 15th, 2022, the total number of corresponding orders issued by Ruisheng Automation has yet to be fully confirmed, though the number of unexecuted orders on hand has totaled over 61.9003 million yuan.

Reaching A Win-Win Agreement with Full Play Synergy

Just as Ruisheng Automation has created many incredible pieces of technology, so too has the optical module supplier, JPT. In particular, the company has developed a series of different laser/optical testing equipment that has been widely used in many consumer electronics. These include their intelligent spectrum testing machine, their VR glasses testing system, as well as their VCSEL laser module testing system.

By working alongside Ruisheng Automation and their AA calibration and machine vision technology, JPT looks to create a synergistic effect between the front and rear processes.

An example of this synergy can be found in the field of VCSEL module testing. Here, JPT has used its current R&D team to produce VCSEL and camera module testing equipment. On the other hand, Ruisheng Automation is focused primarily on highly precise and reliable front-end assembly along with back-end testing. This has led to several breakthroughs in image algorithms as well as multi-axis control and different technological processes. If the agreement is accepted, the two companies may be able to form a linkage effect between the layout of their respective products.

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Using One To Shore Up The Other

With both companies having their respective strengths, the Equity Transfer Agreement has a lot of benefits for both sides. From the JPT side of things, their optical precision inspection equipment has garnered them a tremendous amount of favor and goodwill from their customer base thanks to their high performance and impressive stability. This has, as a result, established a deep sense of trust between both customer and the corporation.

On the other hand, Ruisheng Automation’s AA technology has worked to establish and maintain a stable source of customers alongside an ever-continuous number of orders. These two supplemental and complimentary factors open both companies up to new markets while expanding their customer base.

What Comes Next

Provided the transaction agreement reaches completion, the two parties will offer a full-court play of their respective technologies and technological developments. They’ll also look to synergize business divisions to jointly build an industry-wide optical inspection chain platform that goes all the way from front-end assembly down to back-end inspection and adaption. This will be especially advantageous for Ruisheng Automation, as it will help them become an important domestic enterprise in the current AA industry.