Top 5 UPSC CSE Job Profiles

upsc cse

The Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) is an independent body recruiting qualified candidates for the most reputable jobs in the country, due to its high esteem a large number of candidates appear for the selection out of which most skilled candidates across the country are chosen to serve the nation. It’s in every student’s dream to crack a UPSC Civil Service Exam(CSE) exam but unfortunately due to great screening and limited vacancies only a selected few enter. Every year a vacancy will be only around 1000 for which more than a million candidates compete. There are 24 services for which UPSC CSE conducts exams nationwide. Let’s look at the top 5 job profiles candidates mostly prefer. 

1. IAS officer – Indian Administrative Service 

Every child in India knows about IAS officers, it’s considered the most prestigious post out of UPSC CSE. The first preference for many candidates after cracking CSE is to be an IAS officer. An IAS officer’s job involves active contribution in policy making of the Government, supervision on spends from the public funds as per norms given,and administering smooth implementation of policies of the State & Central Government. An IAS officer has to directly work with several cabinet of ministers and other ruling ministers of state as well as the central government. IAS officers also get benefits such as official vehicles, accommodation, travel allowance along with a monthly salary around 60,000+ RS depending on rank. 

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2. IFS officer – Indian Foreign Service 

People who love travelling and experience other cultures and want to represent our country at international level opt for the IFS officer post, but it is also a highly contested post as only 10-15 candidates are selected fromelation with other countries’ governing bodies, promoting our countries global interest in posted countries, working with important missions of the United Nations and peacekeeping forces. Every 2 to 3 years an IFS officer is shifted from one country to another so you can expect a lot of travelling with this job. Job responsibilities also involve maintaining and developing a good relationship with foreign countries. 

One of the good things about an IFS officer post is that you get respect and will be treated with high priority. During their stay in foreign country they will have access to

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top-notch medical facilities, luxury accomodation and there will be personal staff to take care of the house. 

3. IPS officer – Indian Police Service 

Next most looked for job in the list of 24 services is IPS officer. People who love law and order and seek out adventure turn to this post. Main responsibilities that comes under this are to maintain law & order, prevent crimes from occurring, police borders, collect intelligence data, command and work with the intelligence agencies of India such as the CBI (Central Bureau of Intelligence), RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) & Intelligence Bureau (IB) and fight against smuggling, drug trafficking etc. 

From responsibility itself it is clear that It is a position of true power and respect. An IPS officer job gives you a sense of satisfaction by serving & protecting your nation. Have the same salary structure and benefits like IAS officers. 

4. Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IAAS) 

People who love audit and accounts choose this service, it comes under the Comptroller and Auditor General of India so no need to fear political interference and is free from executive authority. IAAS officers’ job responsibilities include auditing the accounts of both the Union Government and State governments along with public sector organizations in the country. The IAAS department is also responsible for maintaining accounts of the state government. If you are interested in a quiet and peaceful life instead of adventures this is a good post for you. 

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5. IRS officer – Indian Revenue Services 

Another Group A services job under UPSC CSE, IRS officers work along with the finance ministry of the country. Their main responsibility would be to collect taxes and revenue to ensure economic development of the country. They also help the finance ministry in formation and implementation of new policies. They also deal with stopping black money and ceasing illegal money laundering. There is a lot of growth in this job as one can become the head of the Central Economic Intelligence Bureau with experience.We all know It’s hard to crack UPSC CSE and not everyone can do it, but still you should give it a try, if your effort goes in vain still you have other government job options that have good salary and reputation.