How Nani became the Best Assistant in the EPL in 2011


Nani is a famous Portuguese midfielder whose best years were with Manchester United. He repeatedly won the EPL, the Champions League and other tournaments together with the team. By the way, you can find on the site of sports statistics soccer live scores of the matches involving this club.

Nani’s best season at Manchester United was the 2010/2011 campaign. The Portuguese was one of the Red Devils’ leaders and provided 18 assists during the year. This made him the top assist man in the EPL, over-passing many of his star rivals. Most importantly, Nani’s accurate assists contributed to the fact that MU won another league title.

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As for Nani, he was unstoppable during the 2010/2011 campaign. The player was given free rein by Alex Ferguson, which allowed him to perform well. Thanks to his excellent vision of the field he was able to develop his attacks.

What were the strengths of this player?

Nani was remembered by the fans for his excellent technique. Using his dribbling, he was able to free himself from the guardianship and enter the attacking zone without any problems. If you are still interested in Manchester United’s matches, check out the Premier League fixtures on the sports statistics website.

If talking about the title of the best assistant in the EPL, the Portuguese midfielder received it thanks to:

  1. The chemistry with his attacking partners. There was perfect chemistry between him and Rooney, Berbatov, Chicharito and others. Thanks to this, Nani regularly gave passes to his partners, which they converted into accurate shots.
  2. The ability to give an accurate pass even at a long distance. At times the midfielder just needed one touch to develop the attack and create a comfortable situation for making the partners to strike.
  3. The speed of decision-making. He had a split second to develop his attack and get his partners into a potentially dangerous position to strike.
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Nani was highly regarded at Manchester United for that. However, after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, the role of the midfielder decreased in the team. Soon he was forced to leave the team. However, if you continue to follow this team in the Premier League, find out on the sports statistics website its fixtures and current statistics on each match. This will allow you to do not miss anything important from the world of duels involving one of the most titled English clubs.

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