7 Reasons Why You should use a VPN for Your Smartphone in Canada


VPN (or Virtual Private Network) may sound like an advanced and technological thing for ordinary users to have. If you don’t know about VPNs, perhaps, now is the time you do because it is a wonderful idea put into practice to ensure the security of the users, ordinary or not. A fast, reliable, and safe VPN is bound to assist individuals as well as corporations. 

The function of a VPN is to block one’s IP (Internet Protocol) address so that no one is able to track your location or you. It also encrypts your data and routes it across a secure and safe tunnel with the servers of other countries. Either communicating sensitive information, surfing public wifi, or even streaming Netflix can be done more securely with the use of a VPN. 

Therefore, it is always a good decision to have a VPN for smartphones. Hundreds of paid VPNs are available in the industry but for the people looking for some free service there are several best free VPNs in Canada

Security should be a priority, and it can be ensured with a trusted VPN. With that, let’s unravel some other important reasons why you should use a VPN for your Smartphone in Canada. Keep your eyes glued!

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7 Reasons to Have a VPN

Now, let’s look at the 7 reasons to have a VPN on your smartphone. These are mentioned below:

Enhances the security of public Wifi

Whenever we pick up free wifi, either from a hotel you booked or a shopping mall, we immediately connect our device to it. You quickly rush to check for messages and emails or explore the web. However, when you don’t have a VPN installed, this can prove to be a dangerous activity. It means that your browsing is unprotected, and anyone with a wish to check can pick up unencrypted radio waves. Malware might make a way to your device or it may even be a phishing scheme. By downloading a VPN, you will restrict all these activities from happening along with making your information private even while using free public wifi.

Allows you to stream around the world

One of the best uses of having a reliable VPN is that you can stream anything you want around the globe without having to reside there. This is, in fact, the most popular function a VPN performs. With a VPN, you can choose whatever country server you want. So, you can enjoy the movies or tv shows that are geo-restricted in your area. For example, the Netflix library in your region will most likely be different from that of the US or the UK. Next time, when streaming on Netflix, try switching your server to the US server and see how much more fun experience you get. 

It will keep you anonymous

In today’s generation, billions of people use the internet today, and that’s a lot of people! While many use it for various useful purposes, there are also some who take advantage of it. Such people include hackers and scammers, and there are quite a lot of them now to be found everywhere. They are waiting for innocent people to make a mistake that could allow them to steal sensitive information. However, by having a VPN, you can become much more anonymous online to the world around you. This is because you wouldn’t be leaving your IP address behind.

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It will automatically encrypt all your data using a safe and fast VPN

A VPN installed on your smartphone encrypts all the data automatically that you exchange with external servers and websites. It means any activity you carry out while using a VPN connection to a server is encrypted. Hence, by having a VPN, you are creating a safe and private tunnel through which you can transfer data. Now, your hacker wouldn’t have a chance to make any use of your personal and sensitive data!

It will protect your data from the government

Though Internet data centers and ISPs claim that they don’t sell your information to the government, it, nonetheless, ends up in their hands, no matter what country you are in. With the growing technology and more sense, however, people have become aware of this fact and invested in things that could protect their data. One of these ways is to install a VPN on your device, especially a smartphone. It will remove any concern you have about your data reaching the government.

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It will increase the speed of online gaming

Gaming is the most fun thing to do. But sometimes, it is just not working nicely due to the gaming traffic that ISP is likely to throttle. But you can get around it! A VPN can hide the fact that you are playing online games. So, to increase the speed of your online games, use a VPN and enjoy. 

It is significantly easy to use!

It is needless to say here that a VPN is the most wonderful thing to have been introduced. Yet another thing to make it great is its easy usage and downloading of it. You can easily install a reliable VPN in a matter of minutes, and you can also go for some good free VPNs. It is quite honestly a breeze for you if you have the experience of downloading stuff online and tech understanding. If an app like this can provide you with the best security online and is easy to use and access, then there is no reason to not make use of it!


If you are worried or concerned about being watched over the internet, or if you want to watch geo-restricted content, you need a VPN on your device now more than ever! A safe and fast VPN for smartphones protects and encrypts your data automatically, providing you the utter privacy. By hiding your original IP address and connecting the server to another country, it will allow you access to geo-restricted content. Generally, it will make everything you do online a secret, along with many other purposes. Take advantage, then!