Does Gaming Make Up A Large Part Of The Internet?

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We all use the internet for a variety of different tasks, with it is very rare that we do not go online for a reason each single day.

Included in the list of activities that we regularly enjoy online, things such as playing our favourite games, accessing the latest news, visiting our social media platforms, streaming music, and videos, as well as participating in online shopping are typically at the forefront of the list.

However, there is a suggestion that gaming makes up for a large part of the internet. Now, is this true? Well, this article will look and explore some of the data to have been found and look to provide an answer.

Does gaming have a large part of internet users?

The simple answer, judging by the data that has been made available and the figures provided, would be yes. According to statistics, it has been found that around 85% of internet users will log in and play their favourite video game as soon as they head online.

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Additionally, it has been found that one in every three of those that were found to use the internet for gaming purposes would look to play daily, whilst the figure would increase in certain parts of Asia and North America. Furthermore, more than five in every six gamers (around 86%) had revealed they would aim to play at least once a week.

Indeed, the market has continued to expand, too, with the rise and emergence of new titles in the form of the iGaming industry. Naturally, technology has played a role, as players are now able to enjoy some of the most authentic gaming experiences as they can use the titles available in Casumo’s live casino and feel as though they are at a physical establishment despite perhaps being sat at home!

Is the internet being used for other primary reasons?

As we mentioned, there are a variety of different reasons why we continue to regularly access the internet. Again, there is data to suggest that these are also primary reasons why we continue to connect and use it in our vast numbers, too!

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More and more people are now using online services to access and find out the latest news stories, with it having been found that 82% of adults will use the internet, compared to 64% who watch it on TV; 24% and 26% continue to get the latest news via forms of print media and radio broadcasts respectively. 56% of adults were found to use social media as their preferred choice.

There is no denying that social media continues to play a role in making a large part of the internet, with it claimed that there are 4.48 billion social media users worldwide. This figure accounted for 57% of the total population in 2021. These platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and others continue to increase in the number of users, as many use these sites as their ultimate resource, which perhaps explains why these types of websites continue to be the most visited pages on the internet collectively.

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Additionally, many will use the internet to be able to stream various forms of entertainment and conduct online shopping, however it has been found that one of the primary reasons many connect to the internet is still to find out certain pieces of information.

Google has been one of the most-visited websites in the world, with 62% continually using the internet to find out information and conduct research activities.

Final Thoughts

Of course, given the figures that have been made available, it is clear that gaming makes up a large part of the internet, although it would be wise to suggest that there are other sectors that also match it, including those that provide information and allow people to communicate with others.

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