5 HBO Max Tips Every Streamer Should Know


If you’re a newbie or have switched to HBO Max from HBO Now, there are a few features to look out for first before you start binge-watching.

Despite years as a premium cable network that provided internet access to subscribers via HBO. 

The company launched HBO Now in 2015 as an independent streaming service.

However, with AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner (owner of HBO) to become Warner Media, the corporation combined all of its content resources into a new endeavour dubbed HBO Max, which debuted in May.

You may still use HBO Now (rebranded simply as HBO), but you could also try HBO Max, which includes a slew of Warner Media TV shows and movies for the same 20.93 CAD per month.

Unfortunately, you can only watch HBO Max Canada with a VPN because it is not available In Canada. It is a US-based streaming platform.

Below, We Have the Top 5 Tips That Every Streamer Should be Aware Of:

Keep HBO Max for later

Add anything to your watch list if you come across something you would like to stream later. There are several ways to accomplish this.

Hover above any film or program on the computer and click the Add button. Alternatively, navigate to the item you want to add and select Add to My List/Add Season to My List from its page (mobile and desktop).

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Choose the profile symbol and navigate to My List to see everything you’ve added. By clicking Remove, you can delete content from particular pages or even the My List page.

Options for video playback

When you have a propensity to exceed your regular data usage while watching on your smartphone, HBO Max can help you to regain control. Launch the preferences, click the account symbol, and then the gear button.

Select Video Options to configure the application to only broadcast over Wi-Fi; just install over Wi-Fi and display cautions if you use cellular data. On this screen, you can also adjust the download resolution by hitting Download Quality and selecting either the best quality or quickest download.

Control what your children stream

HBO Max has programming for people of all ages. Although you might expect a computer to entertain your children by showing some new videos of Sesame Street, you wouldn’t want them to accidentally watch Euphoria.

As a result, HBO Max lets us create accounts for our kids and control what they can play and not without permission. When a child’s profile is active, switching back to something like an adult profile takes a pin.

To do so, go to the account option on a smartphone or computer and choose Switch Accounts > Add Child. Next, you establish a PIN that allows you to change back and forth. By simply heading to the account and choosing Parental Controls, you can modify your 4-digit PIN anytime.

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Once the PIN has been set, you may enter your children’s names and birthdates and select the film and television ratings (G through TV-Y and NC-17 up to TV-MA, correspondingly) that they can watch.

Also, HBO Max provides Japanese-language programs from Crunchyroll and Studio Ghibli. However, they are automatically translated into English. If you are Japanese or wish to stream with captions, click “Japanese” on the film or series page. To switch to English, click English.

Delete the content from ‘Continue Watching.’

HBO Max wasted no time in offering a function recently offered by Netflix: command over the Continue Watching area. If you begin a television show or movie and decide it isn’t for you, users don’t want it to appear in the Continue Watching area.

Visit the profile display and then choose to Continue Watching > Modify, which allows you to erase specific entries, and you can choose Clear All to erase the slate.

This will also result in keeping your watch history secure so that no one can see it if you have shared your account with someone else.

Install for Offline Streaming

HBO Max’s primary selling point is the abundance of content available outside of the HBO lineup—all for the same 20.93 CAD as HBO Now.

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HBO Max, like some of the other platforms, allows for downloading and later streaming. To download it to the device, navigate to the appropriate page in the application and select Download. Check your downloads from your account’s Downloads tab.

Unplaced downloading disappears after thirty days, and you’ll have 48 hours to complete streaming once you begin. Purchases will also disappear when the episode or movie is removed from HBO Max.

Once you’re accessing the internet, you can purchase outdated content, while the same videos can be replayed numerous times. Simply touch on the outdated download and choose to renew for thirty days.

There’s entertainment from Cartoon Network, TCM, Adult Swim, DC, and Warner Bros, and licensed media from Sesame Workshop, Crunchyroll, and Studio Ghibli.


HBO Max makes it simple to stay up to date on incoming and exciting programming and films. To check what has recently been added to HBO Max, click the bottom hamburger option and select Just Added. 

You can choose “Last Shot” to see what features are due to be phased out of the service. Due Shortly provides teasers, preview glimpses, and other clips for future movies and television shows.

We hope you enjoyed all of the new HBO Max tricks and hacks. If you have an HBO Max subscription, use these tips, and you’ll enjoy watching this service.