Live Streaming vs. VOD: What to Choose?


You are probably sitting on the couch while reading this and thinking which is better between live streaming and VOD. Apart from OTT, live streaming solutions IPTV and VOD (Video-On-Demand) are also gaining traction.

You are familiar with OTT content if you watch Netflix. However, only a few know how to subscribe to live video content. But you probably watch live broadcasts about sports and other entertainment on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Live streaming and video on demand are two services that offer a diverse set of benefits among brands, such as improved user engagement and a higher number of customers. Many of you may be asking which between the two could give you the best experience with that in mind.

Worry less! This post will help you understand and make a good decision in selecting a video streaming service.

What Is Live Streaming

As its name suggests, live streaming refers to a broadcasting practice where viewers can watch their favorite events in real-time. The good news is that anyone can watch live video content. Because of this, many organizations and businesses are showing their interest in live streaming. Live streaming allows business owners to have better engagement and connection with their audience virtually.   

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Live streaming solutions have a significant effect on different business contexts. This is because professionals can share their live announcements, service promotions, in-person events, and more in real-time.

This is an ideal tool for large companies as it helps them maximize and improve their communication with their community partners and customers. Streaming an event online in real-time is also a great way to interact and reach a broader range of individuals worldwide.

In addition, you can host live events using live streaming software and other essential streaming solutions IPTV.

When To Use Live Streaming

As mentioned above, live streaming is an effective tool that helps you achieve the business objectives and goals you desire to achieve. Moreover, it is also an impactful way of advertising and making public announcements regarding your new product launches.

Aside from that, it is also a helpful tool to teach an online class and publish your company news and announcements. This allows business owners to connect with millions of individuals globally. So, when should you use live streaming solutions?

If You Are on A Budget

You can start live streaming even with a limited budget compared to other streaming services. Beyond that, it does not require a complex setup process. In most cases, you can begin live streaming using your mobile device. It would help if you had a phone and reliable internet to connect with people.

You may also consider using high-end equipment and other live streaming solutions for business purposes. This will give you better results and reach more comprehensive customers.

If You Want To Start Streaming Upfront

Editing tools and software are not necessary when you do live broadcasts. Therefore, it is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to start streaming immediately and doesn’t want to use editing tools that may consume more time.

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Since it does not involve editing software, flaws and imperfections during live streaming are expected, making the broadcast look natural. It would help to point the camera at an angle that captures what you want to show to your audience.

If It Might Help You Save Some Bucks

If you are a small business owner, you don’t want to invest in something that will cost you a fortune. Luckily, live streaming for the government is a budget-friendly tool you can use to train your new employees.

Live streaming allows you to send information to the employees simultaneously, no matter their location. Since you don’t need to pay for security, travel, and live events, you can save the business’ budget.

What Is VOD (Video-On-Demand)?

Video on demand also works similarly with conventional making and broadcasting content practices. All you need to do is create video content, post it on different video platforms, and set it to be accessible to your target audience. This practice of streaming has significantly changed how viewers watch videos.

VOD is gaining traction these days since the rapid increase in the number of individuals who like video streaming for the government. The pandemic also significantly impacted the number of online streaming viewers. This is a more convenient video streaming than live streaming since the audience can view the videos anytime.

It is also worth noting that VOD streaming is not only about binge-watching series and movies available on other streaming platforms like Netflix. This is also a great way to share and view entertainment and educational content during your most convenient time.

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When To Use VOD?

The following are some of the situations where VOD is more suitable to use:

If You Need Perfect Content

Since video content available for VOD streaming for the government is pre-produced, you can use different editing tools to make it look perfect. This is an effective way to make videos more likely to go viral than live streaming.

If You Want Your Videos to Be Available to Anyone

Online videos available on VOD streaming services allow audiences to watch their favorite series or movies anytime. Moreover, VOD streaming is accessible on mobile gadgets as long as you have reliable internet.

If You Want to Promote Your Brand Without Spending A Lot

Business owners can also use VOD streaming in advertising their products. In addition, launching new products and services through VOD will cost a little less than live streaming or another conventional way of broadcasting. Thus, if you are a startup and want to reach customers around the globe, VOD streaming might be perfect for you.

Final Thoughts

VOD and live streaming are two services perfect to use in different situations. You need to assess your business needs before making a decision. If you prefer streaming that doesn’t require pre-and post-production, you may consider live streaming. On the other hand, VOD streaming is perfect if you make your videos more perfect.

Therefore, assessing your business needs and other contexts that may affect your organization is essential to selecting the best streaming services.

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