5 Tips to Help you in your Next Cloud Computing Job Interview

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has become one of the most popular and on-demand technologies as most organizations are using Cloud Computing for providing shared computing resources. These resources include application, development, storage, networking, computing, and deployment platforms for the business.    

The pandemic is also accelerating organizations to migrate their business to the cloud, due to this the demand for IT cloud jobs are increasing rapidly. It’s the perfect time for tech professionals to apply for cloud computing jobs and show their skills in this field. And it’s a very good idea to upskill with the latest technologies in Cloud computing before taking up that interview. Here are top Cloud Computing Certifications for 2022 to choose from.

The average time an employer or interviewer takes for a job interview is about 20-30 minutes. This is the period where you need to put a good impression on your interviewer and this can be done if you have a good understanding and fundamental knowledge for the position you are applying for. This Cloud computing industry is one of the highly demanding and well-paid industries. In the US a professionally trained employee earns around $100,000 per year. So let’s see the top five tips that can help a candidate to stand out from the crowd during the interview. 

Understand the Business Problem Statement

Every company has the reason to migrate their business to the cloud, but as a candidate, you must have the capability to understand those requirements. Currently, 81% of companies have at least one application running in a cloud environment and most of the companies are still developing their strategies to migrate their business on the cloud. As a candidate, you need to understand whether the company needs to move on the cloud or not. You should understand the business requirement and represent the bigger picture; this shows your tech knowledge and capability to adapt to the business. A candidate must have the ability to understand why cloud migration is important for businesses. 

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Show your Expertise and Versatility  

During the interview, the hiring manager or recruiter may ask for your qualification and career. At this time don’t only tell them about your exam results and past projects but show them your knowledge of the latest cloud computing technologies. Before the interview, research the company and understand how cloud computing is used by the company and structure your response accordingly. Ensure that your answers look like you are having good knowledge of the Cloud and you are ready to adapt to any kind of cloud environment.  

If you have any prior experience or certification, then try to explain your roles and responsibility or any previous experience on real-time projects or any training or certification, which can be an added benefit. 

Today there are a lot of companies offering their certification in cloud technologies such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, etc. This certification will be helpful to learn and understand different types of cloud management and then understand how other organizations manage their workloads across multiple clouds. Today in the US, a cloud solution architect earns around $150,000, whereas an infrastructure architect earns around £83,000 in the UK.

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Brush up your knowledge on Cloud-Native tools and Applications

Cloud Computing is a vast field. Today lots of applications are developed and deployed on cloud environments. During the interview be sure you are aware of cloud platforms and understand the design, tools and scalability. You should be ready to answer a set of questions like how to develop an application for the cloud, how to do data size optimization, how to deploy the application on the cloud, and most importantly how to maintain cloud security, etc.

Cloud-native development also covers the areas like containers, continuous delivery, orchestration and microservices. If you are still in the phase of developing your skills then it is important to show your awareness and willingness to learn new skills. 

Understand the Basic Cloud Terminologies 

There is a lot of jargon in the field of cloud computing, and it seems impossible to learn all of them. But as per the interview points of view, you should be aware of common terms used in cloud computing technology such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid cloud, etc. These are very basic terminology in cloud computing and everyone must have a basic understanding of their functions and differences between them.

Show your Proficiency on Your Chosen Cloud Platform 

It is important to have the basic and core understanding and knowledge of cloud computing services and the differences between them. Depending upon the cloud platforms the hiring managers or employer may test your knowledge and skills. For example, they can ask about services used for computing, about storage, different types of storage, etc. So before the interview, try to clear all the fundamental cloud knowledge and understand which services are suitable and useful according to a problem statement.

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If you are applying for the Solution Architect then make sure you have a good understanding of cloud architectures. You may ask to explain the cloud architectural patterns and techniques.  

Today technologies have taken pace and tech professionals have the perfect opportunity to learn, understand and explore new skill sets. In today’s market AWS, Azure and GCP are the three biggest cloud provider platforms that have expanded their businesses globally and saved organization operating costs. In just one click you can set up your application and resources on the cloud, which help in saving any upfront capital in setting up the physical infrastructure.

According to Gartner’s forecast report, the market for the public cloud will grow more and companies are looking to migrate their operations on the cloud today lots of companies are facing talented skilled employees in this field. According to Forbes’s report, 59% of the organization except for the talent shortage in next 2 years and that’s why companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google is hosting lots of program and cloud certification to make people learn and get them trained on this new skill set. Today, Cloud computing certification is one of the top-paying IT certifications. The average annual salary of an employee is around $150,000. If you are planning to learn cloud computing technology then this is the best time to do so.

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