Why Cricket is Famous in India?


The game of cricket is not only a sport in India but it’s a ritual that brings the nation together. People of India take cricket as their religious duty. That’s why they are very sensitive when it comes to these English sports. But the main question remains the same that why is cricket famous in India?

Today we will share the top 7 reasons why cricket is so famous in India. So, let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Money 

The popularity of cricket in India lies behind the fact that this sport plays a huge role in generating the country’s net income and running as a business. People in India make money through cricket in various ways such as betting, sponsorship, and viewership. Even cricketers also enjoy an elite lifestyle while playing this game and earn a lot of respect from the countrymen. 

2. IPL

IPL came into existence just after the Indian cricket team won the ICC T20 world cup. Within no time, this T20 league became the cricket sensation for domestic Indian players and gives them chance to appear at International cricket matches. Moreover, many Bollywood stars have shown interest in this league and formed their franchise. For example, Shahrukh Khan owns Kolkata Knight Riders which has already won the IPL trophy. 

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In addition, the IPL bet rate is very high when compared to other cricketing leagues such as PSL or BBL. That’s why many International players like to play at Indian Premium League.

3. Popular Cricketers from India

It’s the cricketers that bring glamor to this game of bat and ball. India is popular for producing legendary cricketers, especially batsmen. Indian cricketers have been praised by International Cricket Council in the past few years. 

Some of the exceptional talents that India has given to the world include Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Kapil Dev, MS Dhoni, Sunil Gavaskar, and others. Another athlete from India named Yuvraj Singh becomes an inspiration for all the cancer patients that have dreamt to serve India in sports. That’s why players like these have always presented India on high rank in world cricket.

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4. Simplicity of Playing

Another factor that increases cricket’s popularity among Indians is its simplicity of playing. This game needs two teams each consisting of 11 on-field players and an umpire to run a fair game. There are many formats of cricket depending on the total overs played. 

For instance, in a T20 game of cricket, every inning contains 20 overs. However, each over has 6 balls in it.  Moreover, batsmen run in between wickets to score single, doubles or can hit boundaries to score four and six. Also, this game needs a proper ground to play.

But in India, people like to play street cricket for fun. Thereby, due to its simple rules cricket is common among Indians. 

5. Infrastructure 

Cricket has been played all over the world at different venues. But cricket coaching centers available in India offers the finest training to young players. Also, almost every state within India provides cricket academies and stadiums to locals. Cricket is growing in India due to its strong infrastructure whereas other sports are still developing in the state.

Moreover, former international players such as Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid have developed their cricket academies to bring raw talent to Indian cricket. In addition, these academies are giving free cricket education to the children of underprivileged areas.

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6. Indians Physical Attributes

Many sports such as basketball, hockey and, volleyball require tall athletes to play well. As most Indians are of short stature, that’s why they have fewer chances to appear in these games. Moreover, the lifestyle of Indians doesn’t allow them to participate in heavy sports such as American football. 

Thereby, the people of India excel at cricket as they have an adequate amount of physical attributes and strength to play this sport.

7. Victory at ICC tournaments 

The most important reason why cricket is famous in India is due to its global victories at ICC competitions. One of the finest moments in India’s cricket history is winning the ICC World Cup of 1983 and 2011. Furthermore, the Indian team has also won the ICC World T20 Cup in 2007. The latter helped the BCCI to revolutionize Indian cricket and to develop IPL at the global level. That’s why Indians like to see those matches on repeat and they do celebrate those golden moments as festivals.

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