The Top Time Tracking Apps for Productivity in 2022

Time Tracking Apps

Employees spend only 39 percent of their time on role-related or actual work. They spend the remaining 61 percent on unproductive activities like scrolling through social media. This means that you are probably getting paid or paying your workers for non-productive tasks.

So how do you ensure that you and your team spend a lot of time on billable work? 

Time tracking apps can help keep tabs on how committed you are to completing a project. It can help you track how much you slog through emails when you should be working.

Here is a look at the best time tracking apps you can leverage to enhance productivity in 2022. 

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is one of the best productivity apps on the market. It has a desktop, mobile, and web app. The compatibility of this app with multiple devices allows you to synch time entries across the devices automatically. 

Toggle Track comes with a Pomodoro timer to ensure that you effectively manage your work or time without distractions. With this app, you can easily import comma-separated values (CVS) files. Therefore, you will have an easy time uploading data about a project to your desired workspaces.

You can use Toggle Track as a time clock app if you are an employer or project leader. It has a background tracking feature that can help you check how much time your employees spend on productive tasks. 


It will create automatic entries when employees spend over ten seconds on non-work-related websites. Therefore, you can use Toggl Track to bill your clients only for the hours worked on their projects. 


Clockify is best suited for tracking a team’s productivity. Like most productivity apps, Clockify has features that allow you to track and keep a record of employees’ productivity. 

One of the features you may like about Clockify is the time-off functionality. The functionality will help you keep tabs on your employees’ requests for time-off and holidays. Therefore, you can always ensure that you have enough employees to fill in for those who take time off. 

If you want to know where your employees are, Clockify’s GPS feature will help you out. It will help you learn how much time your personnel is wasting on non-office activities.

Clockify is suitable for managing a large workforce because it allows for unlimited users. It also allows you to adjust the hourly rate for different users for more accurate timesheets. Although Clockify is free, you can also go for the paid version at a pocket-friendly cost.


Timely is an automatic time tracking app that tracks how you spend your time and creates an automatic timesheet. It records the time you spend on all desktop and web apps. Therefore, you can get an accurate record of the time you spend on emails, meetings, and video calls. 

As a subordinate, you are likely to think of Timely as the best time tracking app because of its privacy feature. It tracks everything you do and records it on a personal timeline. When submitting the timesheet to your supervisor, you control what information you share and keep private.

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Timely also has a feature for project timelines. It gives you an insight into your team’s progress on a given project, allowing you to always be in control of the project. You can also use Timely to track your spending and ensure that you stay within the desired project budget. 


Harvest can help you track time, whether working remotely or on-site. It allows you to start or stop timers when you are working to better track the time you spend being productive. Harvest also has automated reminders that prompt a consistent time-tracking habit. 

As a project leader, you can leverage the reporting feature in Harvest to track a project’s progress. Harvest can also give you a detailed report about the projects. The information will help you determine which task or team member increased the project cost. You will then make an informed decision on the necessary corrective action.

One of the distinct features of Harvest is its automated invoice management. The app generates automatic invoices from your tracked time and expenses. You can email these invoices to clients, ensuring that they pay you quickly for projects. 


Timemator allows you to track your productivity automatically by capturing every activity you perform on your Mac. The app will enable you to review what you have been working on and assign the appropriate time to a project. 

All you have to do when using Timemator is create rules for the task you intend to complete. In turn, Timemator will automatically start a timer when you start working. You can also choose the traditional timer, using the start and pause buttons to time your sessions. 


Timemator is one of the productivity apps compatible with Setapp for Mac. Therefore, if you are a Mac user, you can find this time-tracking app at and start using it along with your other favorite Mac apps. 


Hubstaff is among the task tracking apps suitable for organizations with teams that work remotely. It enhances visibility to help you see your team’s work at any given time. 

You can use Hubstaff to simply track the hours you and your team spend on various projects. In this case, team members will be responsible for tracking their time on work orders, projects, or clients. 

Once your team makes time entries, you can generate timesheets automatically to see how they have spent their office time. 

Automatic timesheets can help you optimize efficiency. For example, you can use the data to assign tasks to the right team member based on the time spent on a given activity. You can also use Hubstaff’s GPS time clock app to see where team members are working. 

Optimize Productivity With The Right Time Tracking Apps

Proper time management translates into more productivity at a personal or organizational level. Time tracking apps can help you spend your time on what matters most. The above list will make you spend less time choosing the perfect productivity app. 

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