What to look for When Buying a Home

Buying a Home

For those who have decided to buy a ready-made house rather than build it from scratch, buying a country house can be a real lottery. Buyers of country houses face a difficult choice: how to determine the quality of the structure, to identify its shortcomings and advantages in the external inspection. We will try to give a brief instruction with recommendations and tips on what you should pay attention to when buying a house.

Rules of home inspection

Buying real estate is better in spring: at this time you can see all the major flaws of the site and the building, which in winter can be hidden from sight. It is better to choose a house, in which people have already lived: homes built for sale, not for themselves, may be less comfortable and functional. It is also worth to communicate with neighbors, who will tell you how the house was built, what kind of terrain and soil features are in the area. Do not forget to pay attention not only to the building, but also to the land on which it stands: what terrain on the site, whether the house is conveniently located, what is nearby a link.

Getting to know the layout

Before buying a private home, it is important to imagine how comfortable you will be in it. Pay attention to the illumination of the interior space of the house: whether it has a lot of windows, whether there are too dark, narrow corridors. The presence of a second light system will be an advantage.

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It is important that all households have enough personal space, and at the same time there was a place to spend time together.

In addition to the living areas, the house should have storage space and utility rooms. Heating system and communication nodes is better hidden in a special technical room. Consider the stairs leading to the second floor: it must be easy to move, functional and safe enough.

Checking your home’s roof

To assess the condition of your home’s roof, you’ll need to go up to the attic. If the roof is leaking, it will be easy to tell by the traces of leaks, rot and mold. It is worth paying attention to the presence and condition of the gutters. If the gutters are working properly, rainwater will not be visible on the facades of the building, which means that the quality characteristics of the walls and foundation of the house will be in better condition.

Construction quality of exterior walls

The condition of a building’s exterior walls should be inspected, given the material they are constructed of. Wood, aerated concrete, foam concrete, brick – different building materials have different shrinkage rates, service life and thermal insulation properties. Carefully inspect the walls for cracks and crevices. Cracks in the walls may indicate improper shrinkage of the building, violations of construction techniques or poor quality material.

Floors and Floors of the House

To check the condition of the floor, walk on it in different places and jump around. Weak floor beams and uneven flooring will make itself felt: under load there will be strong vibrations, and the floor will sag when walking. Such a defect will be difficult to eliminate later, so it is better to determine whether you are ready for a complex repair.

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The quality of the foundation and basement of the house

Signs of improperly installed foundation of the house may be manifested cracks in the walls of the building. In the future the cracks will become larger, and they will lead to a gradual warping of the entire structure.

If the house has a basement, you should definitely look into it. Make sure that there is no water, fungus and mold, which can also indicate violations of the technology of foundation construction.

Engineering systems of the house

The presence of communications in the house is one of the main indicators of the level of comfort. But their condition can also be different, so before buying a private home it is important to conduct a thorough inspection of all systems.

Water supply

To begin with, clarify from what source the water comes to the house. It is advisable to check the water, taking samples for examination. Pipes are checked for cracks and leaks, and the street pipeline should be equipped with thermal insulation.


Determine whether the house is connected to the centralized sewer system. If not – assess the condition of the septic tank or cesspool. To check the functionality of the sewer system, try draining a large amount of water and see how quickly it goes away.

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Heating System

Regardless of the time of year, ask your homeowners to turn on the heating to make sure it is working properly. Check the heating level of the batteries, the working condition of the radiators in all rooms of the house, and make sure the pipes are not leaking. Pay attention to the condition of the heating boiler.

Electrical System

To check the serviceability of electrical wiring, connect the existing electrical appliances. The more devices in the house will be turned on at the same time, the clearer will be the load that can withstand the wiring.


If the house has a forced ventilation system, this will be a big plus: such a device works much more efficiently than normal natural ventilation. Inspect the vents and make sure they are not clogged.

Windows and doors

Twisting and jamming of windows and doors may indicate improper shrinkage of the house. Doors and windows should open and close easily, with good heat and sound insulation properties. Check the condition of the insulating glass units: no moisture should accumulate between the panes.

Examine the documents

When deciding to purchase a property, carefully check the documentation of the house you are interested in. If you doubt your competence or the seller’s good faith, ask a professional lawyer for help.

Buying a ready-made home is a responsible event in the life of every future homeowner, so do not rush with the choice and conclusions, and it is better to inspect the object several times before deciding to buy.