Top Reliable GogoPDF Tools You Need To Use

convert pdf to word

Handling tons of various files is crucial, especially if you have a lot in hand and don’t have the right tool. But with GogoPDF, everything can be so lightweight and straightforward. If you wish to convert a PDF into other file formats or the other way around, the GogoPDF’s converter tool will help you achieve the goal. And with that, here are some converter features of GogoPDF and how to perform it.

Word to PDF

PDF file format is worldwide, and almost all individuals use it for much reliable file format. It is best to use when making essential files like brochures, resumes, magazines, contracts, etc. That’s why everyone enjoys using PDF format and converting their documents into PDF. Despite using different operating systems or devices when generating such a file, PDF keeps the document’s integrity by maintaining its original layout and format.

The Word to PDF tool comes in handy whenever you want all your files in PDF in no time. It will help you convert all of your documents in a fast manner. It is a quick process that you will not notice that the process is already done. And you will have a result of high-quality PDFs in your hand. Here’s what you should do to convert your document into a PDF file:

  1. Take the Word document from your computer.
  2. GogoPDF will start the conversion process.
  3. Wait while the system transforms your document into a PDF file.
  4. Everything is complete. You can now download and share your newly converted file.
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Presenting data is essential and has a massive impact on business owners, employees, or even students. This method effectively conveys pieces of information and helps the receiving end apprehend more of what you want them to know about your topic. When creating a presentation, you need to have the right software to make your life easier. And that being said, PowerPoint amongst all software or programs obtainable is the best to help you make a presentation easy to understand and neat.

However, PowerPoint also has its downside since every slide has a huge file size. Once you share your presentation file through email, it will most likely take too long to upload. But if you decide to convert your PPT file into PDF, you will not experience any delay. To help you with that goal, you must use the PPT to PDF tool of GogoPDF. You can easily convert your PPT into PDF instantly without jeopardizing the content and quality of the file. Nonetheless, here are the steps to follow when doing the process:

  1. Drag and drop the PPT slides into the conversion area.
  2. The system will begin by scanning the file. After that, it will start the conversion.
  3. Wait while the PowerPoint turns into a PDF file.
  4. Download your freshly transformed PDF. Or you can share it on any of your accounts.
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By converting JPG images into PDF, it will help your image library be neatly categorized. GogoPDF’s JPG to PDF converter tool will gladly help you by merging many images and converting them into a single PDF file. The process will automatically scale, rotate, and optimize all the images while maintaining the original file’s high-quality resolution.

When merging and converting the images, the process is straightforward and can be done quickly using the tool. And it will lessen the stress that you feel of having tons of images scattered in your device. Aside from JPG format, GogoPDF also accepts any other image formats like PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP. With that, here are four simple steps and procedure in transforming a JPG image into a PDF file:

  1. Choose the JPG files and get them from your device, then upload them to the site.
  2. There are available options you can choose for the output format. Press the button to start the conversion.
  3. By this time, wait while the system completes the process.
  4. After that, you can now have your new PDF file and download it to your devices. You can also share it with everyone by copying the link.
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Now that you have knowledge about some of GogoPDF’s converter tools. Please share it with your colleagues that you know will need it. It will be a lot easier if everyone knows how to manage PDFs and other file formats. Other than that, GogoPDF also has tools that can assist you in compressing, merging, protecting, unlocking, adding a watermark, and a lot more of your PDF files. Start visiting their site and learn more about GogoPDF and what more they can offer.