Top 5 West Coast Cities in the USA for Millennials in 2021!

West Coast Cities

Hello, millennials, looking for places that can fulfill your life and provide you with what you want? Well, in terms of your career and profession and terms of recreation and adventure, the best long distance movers suggest that there are a few places that can make you delighted in 2021.

Well, we can understand that for millionaires like you, relocation can be a little challenging. However, deciding your own home is one of the most significant decisions of your life for sure. And we are here, by all means, to help out choosing your next home.

We are going to review for you some of the best cities in West America. We can assure you one thing that this list is the result of some really detailed research. So, if you go through this topic, you will get transparencies on what each of the cities can offer you!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second-largest metropolitan area and the third-largest city in North America. Los Angeles lies in Southern California, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, with high mountains and deserts.

Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate (summer type) and receives just enough rainfall to avoid being classified as semi-arid. This place gets plenty of sunshine throughout the year, which is a real advantage. It ranks number 4 for outdoor activities in America. It is the home to Hollywood and entertainment, and the nightclubs of this place are one of the best in the world.


The city of Portland comes under the state of Oregon. It is the largest city in Oregon and the sixth most populous city on the west coast. The climate is ideal for growing roses, and therefore it is called the “City of Roses”.

Portland has been named as one of the best cities in the USA for its delicious street foods. So, if you are a food lover, this place is ideal for you. In addition, Portland is home to a range of arts institutions, including the Portland Opera, the Oregon Symphony, and the Portland Youth Philharmonic.

San Francisco

The city of San Francisco comes under the state of California. It is located on the Central Coast of America. It is the fourth most populous city in California and one of the healthiest cities in America. Additionally, San Francisco has remarkably charming weather conditions. The dry summer and mild winter will make you delighted for sure.

Chinatown is one of the largest Chinese communities in the USA. Some of the main highlights you will not like to miss are- The Alamo Square Park, Golden Gate Bridge. Other famous landmarks include Market Street, The Bay Bridge and San Francisco Ferry Building. Apart from that, the art and culture of this place are really a thing to see. Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf are some of the topmost art galleries.


Denver, the capital city of Colorado, is known for its cultural attractions, museums, red-hot music, Rocky Mountain, and a collection of indigenous works. With a population of 705,576. This city also ranks 31st in America’s healthiest states and ranked 15th in one of the best outdoor activities in America.

It is nicknamed the Mile High City as it is one mile above sea level. It has four distinct seasons and receives most of its rainy season is from April through August. However, due to its location on the High Plains, the region can be subject to sudden changes in weather at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

It not only focuses on practice perks, such as good schools and a low crime rate, but it has an intangible glow that makes it trendy and desirable to live. Denver is home to a wide array of museums. Denver has many nationally recognized museums, including Denver Art Museum, the second largest Performing Arts Center in the nation and bustling neighborhoods such as LoDo, filled with art galleries, restaurants, bars, and clubs.


The city of Seattle comes under the Washington state. It is an evergreen city surrounded by towering mountains and forests. It is one of the largest cities in America and also one of the fastest-growing cities.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in North America, and if you talk about its outdoor activities, it’s practically endless.

Seattle’s great climate allows year-round outdoor recreation, including walking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and so on. The outdoor opportunities Seattle provides are genuinely impressive for sure!


Well, we hope that now you have got some transparencies about some of the best places in the USA for your next move! However, you must keep in mind that relocation to a new place can be one of the life-changing things for sure. So, make sure that you’re relocating with proper planning and preparations so that you can have a best relocation experience!