The Rules When It Comes to Gambling in Portugal

Casino Games

Playing casino games is a fun pastime. Apart from being entertained you even have a chance of winning money! However, there is also the possibility that you will blow it all. Every gambler should follow a set of basic rules to avoid disasters and continue having fun at the casino instead of getting a nervous breakdown. In this piece, we are discussing those basic rules with Portuguese online casino expert Victoria Oliveira.

Avoid Rogue Casino Sites

There are thousands of online casinos on the internet but this doesn’t mean that they are all safe to play at. When you sign up and deposit at a casino, you should be 100% certain that they are legit, hold a casino license, and don’t tamper with the games. The easiest way to make sure of this is to select a casino from an independent third-party review site such as online casino. Here you will find a list of all legit casinos that accept players from Portugal. Portugal has its own policy gambling companies need to adhere to in order to operate legally in the country. 

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Only Wager what you can Afford

You might have heard this before but it cannot be stressed enough. You should only ever risk your disposable income – not your rent money, not your mortgage or car loan, money for groceries, for bills, etc. Borrowing money to gamble is an even bigger no-no. Borrowing from family or friends is bad enough and you should absolutely not take a personal loan or turn to loan sharks for some easy cash. We have all seen enough movies to know what consequences that can have. 

Do not Play While Drinking

Alcohol and gambling don’t go hand in hand. Think about it – you are not allowed to drive or work while under the influence of alcohol because it impairs your ability to think and react. Gamblers are known to make bad decisions while drunk. You might be bold enough to wager huge sums on one hand of cards or one spin of the roulette ball only to regret it the next morning. 

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Learn the Casino Game Rules

When you open the casino’s page, you might be tempted by all the awesome-looking games but you should only play games you are familiar with. Most games can be played in demo mode so you’ll have a chance to try them out before you wager any money. Card games such as poker or blackjack can have many variants and bad decisions can be made if you don’t know the exact rules of the game. You don’t necessarily need to learn counting cards in Blackjack but knowing the gambling rules and using a strategy chart can certainly improve your odds of winning. 

Don’t Automatically accept Bonuses

Bonuses may be tempting but not all of them are as good as they look. Lots of bonuses are offered to players who sign up in Portugal, but when you accept a bonus you should be aware of its terms and conditions. Bonuses can have strict wagering requirements whereby it is almost impossible to cash anything out. Others may expire in a very short time or you may have to continuously deposit before you can get them. Some bonuses are better to skip. So read the small print and make an educated decision!

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Take Breaks

You might not think you’ll need a break while playing but you actually do. When you concentrate too hard your mind will get tired and you might make poor decisions. It is easy to lose track of time both when you are on a winning streak and when you are chasing losses. I recommend taking a break at least once an hour. Get up, take a walk, drink some water and chat with somebody. During this time your mind will recover and you can continue your gaming session with a fresh brain. 

Don’t Gamble all your Winnings

Wagering everything after a big win is a rookie mistake. You might end up losing all the money that you’ve just won and start chasing losses. Instead set aside at least some of your winnings so that at the end of your session you’ll feel a victory!


In order to have fun and (hopefully) successful gaming session, you should follow the basic rules we listed above.