Tips for Healthier Fast Food Choices for Seniors

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Eating healthy does not mean simply cutting off all fast foods from your meals. You can eat burgers, pizza, or other forms of fast food and still be healthy. So if you are craving it, go get one! Also, if you are a senior, you can avail the opportunity to get Mcdonald’s senior discount. Thank me later! However, consider the following tips while choosing healthier options of fast foods!

Go for Smaller Meal Portions

One of the most important tips to maintain a balanced diet while eating fast food is to keep the size of your meal portions small. If you go out for having a burger, select the smallest one. Follow the same strategy while eating a sandwich, panini, or any other fast food. This would help cut down your calorie intake while satisfying your cravings at the same time.

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A small serving is not available? Don’t worry, share your meal with your partner, or you can even order yourself a kiddy meal ;)! Those meals are smaller in size as compared to regular meals, with fewer sauces, which would help save calories.  

Choose Grilled Items

Always opt for food items that are grilled, not fried! Fried items are high in calories as well as in fat because they are cooked in plenty of saturated oil. Opting for grilled items not only helps cut down calories but also prevents diseases that can be caused as a result of intake of a lot of oil.

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Choose Your Drinks Wisely

Drinks are an important part of our meal, and we can definitely not skip them. However, choosing them wisely can help keep you healthy and fit. Beverages like colas and shakes are approximately 400 and 600 calories respectively. This is too much!

So, instead of going for these drinks, you should pair your meal with simple water, diet drinks, sparkling water, or unsweetened iced tea.

Select Healthy Meals

The selection of healthy meals is the key to enjoying a joyous and healthy life. Although there are many options for satisfying your fast food cravings, pick the one that offers you the healthiest food. One of the best options is Subway. You can select any of the subs offered by it, be it veggies delight or include chicken because all of them contain fresh vegetables with a choice of bread and sauces, and the tiniest amount of oil. Remember to avoid creamy sauces as they are rich in calories!

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Other options include Egg White Delight McMuffin from McDonald’s and Fruit & Yogurt Parfait, which are only 280 and 150 calories respectively. Wendy’s Jr. Hamburger Deluxe and Jr. Cheeseburger are also great options that contain fewer calories and are a source of proteins.

So, these are some tips you need to follow while making healthier fast food choices. Getting old does not mean you have to get rid of all your favorite foods to stay healthy, you can achieve the same purpose by only defining your food choices.

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