The Top Fun Things to do in Flint MI

Flint MI

Flint is a town in Michigan, US and a popular getaway for tourists visiting Detroit. The city has some history going back to the late 19th century.

Is Flint one of the most dangerous cities in Michigan? The number of crimes has significantly decreased in Flint in recent years, owing to improved law enforcement, better public transport, and development.

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Places to Visit in Flint, MI

You’ve plenty to choose from when it comes to touring in Flint. Here is a look at some of the top choices.

Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad

One of the most visited places in Michigan – Crossroads Village features a historical village and more than 30 19th century buildings. You can explore the site at your heart’s content and enjoy the village’s amusement rides. The site is also home to a narrow-gauge railroad; you can take a short train ride and get an overview of the village. Crossroads Village is crowded on Halloween and Christmas, glowing in lights and lined with food stalls.

For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum

Being in nature provides enough relaxation and prepares you for the day – that’s why we suggest you visit the For-Mar nature preserve located in the heart of Flint. The park features decent forest trails, treehouses, lakes, and wooden bridges. The nature preserve is popular with locals and tourists alike; you can walk your dog, share laughs with your friends at lakeside benches, or get some peace with a walk.

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Flint Institute of Arts

If you are interested in arts, paintings and exhibitions, this is a place for you. Flint Institute of Arts features paintings, sculptures, and crafts drawing inspiration from Native American, African, and Asian cultures. Works from renowned German, French, Dutch, and American artists are held here. It is the second-largest art museum in the state and also holds film screenings and concerts.

Where to eat in Flint, MI?

Luigi’s Restaurant

Luigi’s has been serving classy & authentic Italian cuisine since 1955; you can’t miss this place on 2132 Davison Road. The place features casual seating and a calm ambiance – you should order the thin crust mozzarella pizza, red sauce pasta, chicken steak, and large antipasto salad.

Flint Crepe Company

Don’t miss some of the best crepes in town – Flint Crepe Company is frequented by locals and tourists alike for their exclusive dishes. You can make yourself comfortable on the well-designed tables & setting – order the bacon cheese crepe, Monte Cristo crepe that features swiss cheddar, and your preferred coffee. The coffee is home-grown, ground and roasted from Costa Rica.

Where should you stay in Flint, MI?

Hyatt Place Flint

Hyatt Place is a 3-star hotel addressed at 5481 Hill 23 Dr, featuring magnificent and luxurious rooms. It is a reasonable distance from the tourist attractions and close to Bishop international airport. The hotel features an in-house restaurant-cum-bar and an indoor pool. The services include complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and free parking. The per-day room rates range between $100-$150.

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Holiday Inn

Looking for a budget stay? Then head over to Holiday Inn located at 5353 Gateway Center – the place features a meeting area, steakhouse, and an indoor pool. The hotel is known for its comfy rooms and is in proximity to the Bishop international airport. The services include free Wi-Fi& free parking. The per-day room rates range between $75-$125.


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