Northern Lights feminized Seeds



Feminized Northern Lights seeds are world-famous, thanks to various incredible attributes. A perfect combo of sweet and spicy scents stack with calming effects and high yield potential to create a must-grow cannabis strain.

Regular cannabis seeds have a strong possibility of growing into male plants that don’t develop flowers or produce resin. Feminized seeds, however, have higher chances of becoming female plants and allow gardeners to focus on growing big buds. 

What are Northern Lights feminized seeds

Feminized Northern Lights seeds grow to become incredible plants with juicy, colourful flowers. Consumers often underestimate these buds, as their beauty and delicacy give an appearance of weakness. At around 14–17% THC, the buds of Northern Lights feminized plants are fairly potent but not necessarily overwhelming. Your tolerance and various other factors can influence how strongly you experience the effects. The buds of feminized Northern Lights plants contain less than 2% CBD. Unlike high-CBD strains, which induce a potent physical high, feminized Northern Lights buds offer an intense cerebral high.

Effects of Northern Lights feminized

Northern Lights feminized plants are particularly famous for their high durability, fruity flavours, and potent effects. Smokers experience psychologically calming and physically relaxing highs moments after the first few puffs. Northern Lights feminized crops develop juicy flowers with a dense resin coating that carries multiple cannabinoids. Many consumers report that these cannabinoids help with stress reduction and social anxiety.

Although the 14–17% THC level of feminized Northern Lights is fairly high, it doesn’t induce paranoia and dizziness. Instead, a wave of quietness flows over you as you melt into the sofa. Smoke feminized Northern Lights slowly to enjoy all the best effects without the intense couch-lock sensation. Fortunately, you’re more likely to fall asleep watching your favourite show than stumble around feeling light-headed.

When you smoke Northern Lights feminized buds, you should prepare some snacks beforehand. These buds induce a potent case of the munchies, which can make a bland head of lettuce look quite appealing if there’s nothing else around. Northern Lights feminized flowers are notorious for the cottonmouth sensation they induce. Keep yourself hydrated, and ensure there’s something to drink nearby to sate your thirst. Feminized Northern Lights seeds and plants offer various amazing benefits, such as relief from migraines and tension. Whether you’re growing feminized Northern Lights seeds for medical or recreational use, you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

Flavors of Northern Lights feminized

When they begin flowering, feminized Northern Lights buds exude an amazing sweet and spicy fragrance. Fresh pine, earthy, and herbal notes also fill the air as the plants mature.

Various chemicals called terpenes give Northern Lights feminized flowers their flavour. Here are the dominant terpenes in Northern Lights feminized plants:

  • Borneol has a foresty, balsam-fir aroma
  • Humulene creates various earthy, woody scents
  • Valencene has a fresh wood and citrus flavor
  • Limonene creates lemony flavors
  • Eucalyptol smells similar to eucalyptus and fresh flowers
  • Caryophyllene has a spicy kick
  • Phytol has a very faint, grassy scent
  • Pinene has a pinewood aroma
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Although terpenes appear in all plants in various quantities, their combinations greatly influence the buds. The overall smell and colour of plants change depending on which terpenes are present and their concentrations. Fortunately, Northern Lights feminized buds have a delectable range of terpenes that give it a world-famous flavour.

How to germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds

Germinating Northern Lights feminized seeds is rather straightforward and rarely leads to complications. However, if you’re impatient or unprepared, you’re more likely to make a mistake.

To ensure success and prevent errors, prep your grow space before you do seed shopping. Having everything ready beforehand allows you to focus on germination and cultivation instead of figuring out your next step. 

There are many ways to germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds. These are the most common cannabis germination methods:

Water bag method

The water bag method is very straightforward and cost-effective. You also won’t need that many resources to germinate your Northern Lights feminized seeds.

What you’ll need for the water bag method:

  • Ziplock bags
  • Purified or filtered water


  1. Place the Northern Lights feminized seeds in small ziplock bags
  2. Add roughly 0.3 fluid oz of water to each bag
  3. Close the bags and put them somewhere dark and warm, like a drawer
  4. Keep your seeds wet and monitor for taproots
  5. When you see roots, you can plant your seeds

When you germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds, you give them a higher survival rate than planting them unprotected in soil. Thanks to the taproot, they’ll have higher nutrient uptake, which leads to a healthier plant.

Paper towel method

The paper towel method is another highly popular germination method. By keeping Northern Lights feminized seeds moist, warm, and in a dark space, you increase their germination chances.

What you’ll need for the paper towel method:

  • Filtered or purified water
  • A roll of paper towels
  • A plate
  • Tweezers


  1. Use the purified water to make a paper towel wet
  2. Put the wet paper towel in the middle of a plate
  3. Place each of the Northern Lights feminized seeds one inch from the rest on the paper towel
  4. Wet another paper towel with the purified water and cover the seeds with it
  5. Tilt the plate over a sink and lift the paper towels to drain the extra water
  6. Keep your Northern Lights feminized seeds in a warm, dark area to germinate.
  7. Monitor your seeds for signs of a taproot, and keep them moist

A taproot looks like a little string that dangles from the tip of the seed. You can plant your Northern Lights feminized seeds when these appear. Feminized Northern Lights seeds germinate for around 24 – 120 hours. It’s quite common for seeds to be ready for the ground after the first day or two; however, it can also take longer. It can take five days for feminized Northern Lights seeds to pop, so it’s best to practice patience. Ensure your seeds stay moist and warm to increase their germination speed and success rate.


The web has many detailed germination guides to help you with your Northern Lights feminized seeds. You’ll find sites with pictures of different strains and variations to help you cultivate your cannabis.

More about growing Northern Lights feminized seeds

Feminized Northern Lights seeds generally grow into healthy plants with heavy yields. Thanks to their photoperiodic nature, cultivators can manipulate their life cycles to make them flower for longer. Feminized Northern Lights seeds are fairly beginner-friendly but can become challenging, too, if you don’t have much cultivation experience. Follow recommended growing guides, and give your plants high-quality nutrients and love for the best results.

Northern Lights feminized plants have typical Indica-dominant hybrid traits. They have an Indica appearance, with a few Sativa features sprinkled throughout the plant. Feminized Northern Lights seeds become plants that develop multiple branches with many leaves and nodes. Various light and dark tints speckle the foliage, with the flowers going from green to gold as the plants mature. As the buds of Northern Lights feminized plants flower, numerous hairy white pistils appear on them. When the harvest draws near, the buds produce a thick resin layer, and the pistils take on a yellow-golden hue.

Typical of Indica-dominant strains, Northern Lights feminized seeds stay fairly short throughout their lifespan. Growing 5 feet at their tallest, these babies are perfect for both indoor and outdoor setups. If they grow too tall, indoor growers can follow various topping methods to keep their feminized Northern Lights plants short enough for indoor spaces. Outdoor growers can also cultivate these babies with ease, as they hide behind a tall wall quite well.

Northern Lights feminized crops need sunny, warm climates to grow and flower properly. Indoor cultivators can use lights and climate control systems to provide the ideal environment and boost their yields. Outdoor growers should plant their seeds in late spring or early summer for the best results. With the correct amount of care, outdoor yields reach 32 oz per plant.

Feminized seeds need a consistent light schedule to perform at their highest. Fortunately, natural cycles usually provide Northern Lights feminized seeds in the USA with enough sunlight to reach their highest yield potentials during summer. For the best results, feminized Northern Lights seeds should receive around 14–16 hours of light during the vegging phase and no more than 12 during the flowering phase. Indoor cultivators should set their lights to a 12:12 day-night cycle to produce potent, juicy buds during the flowering phase. With some love, care, and plenty of light, indoor feminized Northern Lights crops can yield around 17 oz per square meter

Whatever method you decide to use when you cultivate your cannabis, ensure you can provide sufficient light, resources, and space for your plants to flourish. Although Northern Lights feminized plants are fairly easy to cultivate, they still require a lot of care.

Besides the care and attention that Northern Lights feminized seeds need, there’s balanced soil pH, watering schedules, and many other small things that can make, or break, your plants.


If you remember these important factors, you’ll have potent, flavorful buds in a matter of weeks:

  • Trimming. Never over trim your plants, but remove damaged or dead foliage. If you need to increase airflow, remove the lower leaves first.
  • Temperature. Northern Lights feminized seeds thrive with a temperature range of 73–80℉. Indoor growers may need heaters or air conditioners to regulate climates.
  • pH. Germinate your Northern Lights feminized seeds in a neutral environment using the paper towel or water bag methods. Once they enter the soil, the pH should be between 5.5 and 6.5.
  • Humidity. Keep a relative humidity level of 55–60% to reduce fungal growth and other complications. Use extractor fans or dehumidifiers to lower the humidity if it exceeds 60%.
  • Nutrients. Give your Northern Lights feminized seeds high-quality, organic nutrients for the most flavorful results. Ensure you keep a feeding schedule and never overfeed your plants.
  • Water. Northern Lights feminized plants should receive water in moderation. Only water your plants if the soil is dry, and avoid overwatering them to prevent root diseases.
  • Harvesting. Feminized Northern Lights plants have a 6–8 week flowering period. 

If you’re new to cannabis cultivation, keep a Northern Lights feminized seeds grow diary to supercharge your learning experience. Tracking your progress can help increase your cultivation skill level, crop yields, and bud potency.

Genetics of Northern Lights feminized seeds

Although Northern Lights feminized seeds have a strong reputation, their traits are thanks to the parent strains. Unbeknownst to many cultivators, these babies are the genetic offspring of two very common landrace strains.

The Afghani strain is notorious for its strong sedative effects and sweet, earthy scent. Similarly, Thai has strong citrus flavours and energizing influence, giving Northern Lights feminized buds a unique aroma and effects.

Afghani Landrace
Northern Lights feminized
Thai Landrace

Where to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds

It’s possible to find seed banks that sell Northern Lights feminized seeds in the U.S.A. Thanks to the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in many states, the options are nearly endless. Before you go on a cannabis spending spree, check local laws and limitations. While many states allow you to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds in the U.S.A, others are still waiting for legislation to pass. After ensuring that you can legally buy Northern Lights feminized seeds, head to the Homegrown Cannabis Co. for amazing deals and awesome seed selections. You’ll find hundreds of strains, variants, seed packs, and marijuana products.

Visit‌ ‌the‌ ‌website‌ to learn more about feminized Northern Lights seeds and how to buy some. There’s also a “buy one get one free” promotion that rotates and offers free seeds with selected purchases.

Grow Northern Lights feminized seeds yourself

Northern Lights feminized seeds become amazing crops that reward cultivators handsomely. You’ll swell with pride as these babies mature and develop large, aromatic colas that ooze with sticky resin.

Whatever your reasons, methods, or experience in growing feminized Northern Lights seeds, these plants allow cultivators to participate in the beautiful circle of life. With some research, love, and consistent growing methods, you’ll be swimming in the bud by late October.