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The finished season had a lot of interesting games in the Europa League, where Unai Emery’s team performed successfully again. This time, Villarreal managed to reach the decisive match, although many predicted that it would leave at a much earlier stage. Football today results of the games are easy to find on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find only relevant information, which is easy to watch both via a computer and a mobile device. Villarreal managed to finish the season in the Primera in 7th position only. However, in the Europa League, the club became one of the main newsmakers. The victory in the semi-final over Arsenal was especially surprising. Emery managed to kick the team that had fired him a year and a half before off the tournament.

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You can easily follow the results of all today football games on the sports statistics website. The upcoming season will be quite difficult for Villarreal. Many of the team leaders are claimed by stronger clubs. Therefore, the transfer market will surely offer plenty of news.

Europa league table of the competition

Unai Emery has long been called a specialist in the Europa League. He won the trophy three times with Sevilla and reached the final twice with Arsenal and Villarreal. This time, he has a very modest club, which none of the experts expected to see in the decisive match. The Europa league table is now available on the sports statistics website. Here, data on game progress is updated in real time.

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So, as for the factors that helped the Yellow Submarine to advance along the tournament table, the most obvious among them are as follows:

  1. Great teamwork of the players. They almost had no misfires on the field, which helped the team to go the whole distance smoothly, without failures.
  2. The main stars’ experience. The skills of Parejo and Raul Albil helped the team to achieve the desired result at the decisive moment.
  3. Tactical flexibility of the coach. He chose the scheme depending on the opponent, trying to make the most of the opponent’s weaknesses. All this helped to achieve the necessary result.
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If you look at the table in the Europa League, you can understand that this year the Yellow Submarine has come a long way in the tournament. Next year, it won’t participate in it.

Thus, now it is easy to follow all the news of this football tournament on the sports statistics website, where only the most relevant data is posted. It is easy to find out all the latest information both via a computer and a mobile device.