Celebrating Father’s Day: Luxury Gift Ideas For Dads


Father’s day is fast approaching. There is only a month left before the celebration, and you haven’t found the perfect gift for your dad yet. You may want to splurge in buying the best present since it is your way of thanking your father for everything. 

It’s challenging to find the perfect present for men. They would usually say that “anything is fine,” and it makes things even harder. You wouldn’t be aware of their preferences, which can cause awkwardness when you find out they didn’t like the gift. 

Because of those, why not pick luxury gifts according to their interests? For example, you can give your father an Oceanus Casio if he is a watch enthusiast. They may appreciate your thoughtfulness if you buy a gift with their preferences in mind. Below is a list of luxury gift ideas for dads in the Father’s day celebration. 

1. Luxury Watch

If you plan to splurge for Father’s day, why not buy a luxury watch such as Oceanus Casio? This timepiece offers a sophisticated design with advanced electronic technology. Moreover, it is strong and durable since it features Sapphire crystals that have outstanding scratch resistance. 

Oceanus Casio also offers other valuable characteristics, such as GPS. The feature would be great for navigation, especially if your father loves to travel. Another significant aspect is the analog watch face, which is the traditional look of a timepiece. It may be an incredible gift if your dad prefers a standard appearance rather than the digital type.


Casio is one of the prominent luxury watch brands, especially in Japan. The company integrates timepieces in an intelligent design with unique technology. Thus, it is perfect for men, especially if your dad is a watch enthusiast. That would be a fantastic way to celebrate Father’s day, right?

2. His Favorite Wine

All dads have a unique personality. But if there’s one thing in common, that is their love for drinking wine. So how about choosing his favorite luxury wine as your gift for Father’s day? It will make your dad feel extra special during the event as he celebrates with his ideal drink.

Got no idea of which wine to choose? One great tip is to select a wine according to your father’s personality. For example, if your dad is adventurous yet humble, he might prefer to drink a glass of red wine. Meanwhile, those fathers that are curious and perfectionist are mostly white wine drinkers. 

3. Designer Backpacks

If your dad is someone who works abroad, he might appreciate a durable backpack for his travels. Designer brands offer this aspect, and they create bags that would last a long time. In addition, it allows him to store items for traveling, which he would appreciate, especially if his current backpack is worn out already.

But what kind of designer backpacks should you pick? When buying, keep in mind to choose a reputable and trustworthy brand for your gift. One example is Balenciaga, which is a famous brand amongst designer backpacks. However, you may also decide on Versace, Herschel, or Bally, which is on par with the Balenciaga brand.


4. High-End Neckties

Buying a high-end necktie can be an excellent gift for your dad, primarily if he works in the business field. In addition, it accentuates his clothing style. That would be great if he attends formal gatherings frequently. But what kind of necktie should you choose as a present for Father’s day?

High-End neckties can get expensive, so you must pick wisely. Make sure to choose something that is stylish and compliments your father’s personality. Favorite picks are solid color neckties such as light blue, black, white, and champagne. Neckties with dot patterns are also well-known amongst men. 

5. Luxury Sneakers

You could never go wrong gifting someone with luxury sneakers. They are helpful and suitable for all age types. It can be an excellent present whether your father is an athlete or someone who loves to go jogging every day. Sneakers are a must for every man’s wardrobe. Thus, this item may be perfect for fathers who don’t have a specific preference.

One example of a luxury sneaker brand is Prada. They are famous for their craftsmanship and comfortability since Prada makes sneakers with a cushion inside. Other luxury sneaker brands that are also well-known are Gucci, Berluti, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, and Maison Margiela.

6. Luxurious Cologne or Fragrance

People might not pronounce a fragrance brand correctly, but fathers do love to smell good. It makes them look presentable, especially when they need to attend a formal gathering for work. So take this opportunity to show how much you appreciate your dad by buying him a luxurious cologne or fragrance. 

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But how can you choose the right cologne or fragrance to give to your father? One tip is to find out what kind of perfume your father usually likes. Then, you can ask him discreetly about his preference and purchase that brand if it is within your budget. That would be great since you know your dad would love your gift because you give what he likes on Father’s day. 

You may also opt to choose a fragrance or cologne according to your dad’s personality. Keep in mind that it has to smell great. To make sure that the scent is pleasing, you may smell it first before buying. Choose a brand that is legitimate and trustworthy to avoid wasting money. 

Final Word

Finding a suitable present for your dad on Father’s day can be challenging. However, if you plan to splurge, why not take this opportunity and give him luxurious gifts to say thank you? Make the Father’s day celebration one of your memorable events by showing your dad appreciation and love.

On this list, we have listed several luxury gift ideas for your father. We hope you find this guide helpful and can choose a present that he likes. Give your dad the best because he deserves the best! Good luck and have fun shopping!