How Does IPL Auction Work | The Main Rules of IPL Player Auction

IPL Auction

IPL auction is held every year, 2-3 months ahead of the IPL tournament. And there’s always a wave of excitement between fans and franchises as to who will be the next game-changer for the team. 

24betting does provide the opportunity to side bet on IPL auction as well. You can bet on which team will win a particular bidding war or which player will be sold for the highest bidding amount. This side betting will improve your IPL bet odds and will provide you with complete involvement in the game. 

So, if you’re wondering what is the IPL auction and how does it works? Here we’ve created a documented guide for you that’ll help you in your online IPL betting. So, keep on reading to know more. 

How does IPL player auction work

The IPL auction is based on each franchise having a purse of INR 80 crores initially. And they have to spend a minimum of 75% of their bidding amount in each auction. There’s no limit to the maximum amount. 

Anyways, as mentioned before, the auction is held ahead of the IPL tournament where each team has to participate in the bidding war. And they should complete their squad of at least 15 players or a maximum of 25. 

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The number of players that participate in the auction depends upon how many of them registered themselves for the auction, provided the NOC given by the respective cricket boards. And then, this number goes through trimming based on the lists provided by the number of franchises participating in the IPL auction. Eventually, a pool of shortlisted players will be presented at the auction to fill the given number of slots. 

For instance, for the IPL auction 2020, a total of 997 players registered themselves. But, only 332 were shortlisted out of them to fill the given 61 slots. 

The auction event is broadcast live on the Indian Sports Channel ‘Star Sports Network’ and the bidding goes on for a few days. But, it takes months for behind the scene strategies, as IPL is a popular festive event in India. The teams decide for major changes in their playing strategies, for whom to retain and whom to release. They decide how much they’re going to spend at the auction and who will be their most expensive buy. 

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And then, each team will have their round of bidding for their wanted players. For instance, if a team wants to buy a player with a base price of INR 10 Lac and there’s no other team claiming to have that player, the particular team will then win the bid for the base amount. 

What is the base price for a player and how it’s decided?

The base price for each player depends upon his category, whether he’s an Indian player or an overseas player. Every foreign player gets to decide his base price. However, the base price for an Indian player is decided upon in conversation with the BCCI. 

Ever since the IPL inaugural season 2008, the fate of cricket in India has changed. IPL is a big-money tournament, providing great opportunities to the uncapped domestic players to show their abilities and mark their presence in the world of cricket. Moreover, it oftentimes opens a gateway to international cricket for domestic players. Whereas sometimes, many internationally proven, experienced players go unsold in IPL. 

Most of the time, an overseas player has a higher base price as compared to an Indian player. And each team bags at least 4 foreign players according to their game strategy and requirement in the team. For instance, if a team wants to improve their batting lineup, they’ll add players with batting history in their squad. 

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Secondly, each team makes their strategy according to their budget, which depends upon how many players from the previous season they’d want to retain. And if they release more, they’ll have a bigger pocket at the auction. 

The Categories of the players:
Generally, there are three categories involved in the IPL. 

  • Capped Indian Players
  • Uncapped Indian Players
  • Foreign Players (Capped or Uncapped)

Capped Indian players are those that have the experience of playing internationally at least once in their career. On the other side, uncapped Indian players are those that have only played domestic cricket. 

Each team has the opportunity to add a maximum of 8 foreign players into their team. And the allowance of at least 4 foreign players to play in the team. The selection of the playing XI for each game will be decided by the joint decision of the captain and the coach. 

And for the players that go unsold in the IPL auction remains unsold except when a player in a team experiences injury. And then, the team has to choose from the pool of unsold players.

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