Will joining London Gates be a turning point for you? Review 2021

London Gates

Time teaches you all but at the cost of money, assets, and effort. Wouldn’t it be great you found all the key principles behind success in an anonymous letter lying at your doorstep? Around 6 years back, I got an email that played a huge role to bring me where I stand today. If you think it informed me I was a lucky draw winner you’ll be surprised because it had the subject ‘Security Breach’. To a trader, who works with online platforms, this is no less than a nightmare that keeps coming back every night. 

I woke up to find out that the systems of my old brokerage firm got hacked and now I’m left with no money. I was in denial for quite a long time because every penny I had didn’t come overnight. But if I look back today, had I not lost my fortune that night, I would’ve been another average trader looking for opportunities to come my way. You must be interested to know the tale behind my optimistic thoughts.

I’ll make it brief for you. When I lost all I had, I went out to look for a firm that I could trust. This quest made me a researcher and then came a time I never took a single step unless I thoroughly went through the risks and their possible outcomes. Thanks to this habit, one day a friend of mine told me about London Gates. He said that one thing which impressed him the most about the firm was its security. Reliability and security are touchpoints of someone who has just seen his money slip away. 

The moment I heard him say these words, I knew London Gates might be my next partner. I went through all the documents Landon Gates had on its websites, asked my colleagues, did my research until I was sure I could give it a shot. 

Today it’s been more than 3 years that I’m a London-Gates happy customer. This is because of the professional services that they offer. There are so many features that mark them distinct from all other platforms out there. London Gates didn’t only give me so much, it took away the grief of losing money. Money that took so much hard work to reach my pocket. I have decided to review their services so that the young traders in the market can figure out their way easily. By the end of this review, you’ll see what to look for in a good brokerage firm. Honestly, you don’t need anything if you get all these under a roof. 

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Before we start off, there’s one thing that I want you all to note. Never get stuck in the fancy quirks and advanced features if the basic foundations aren’t up-to-the-mark. Because weak foundations are bound to collapse. 

London Gates and I have developed a relationship based on trust. I know my data, money, and future is secure with the platform. This feeling came with the realization that London Gates has all that my trading will ever need from tools to experts. 


In the trading world, your success significantly rests on your ability to make a judgment and your knowledge but if these qualities are complemented with appropriate tools, you can work wonders. This is where London Gates kicked it. It provided me with the most efficient tools that helped me make choices in a way that kept the trends and risks in front of me. 

Web Design

Now that I am myself an experienced trader, I have been a customer of many online forex firms. This gives me an edge that I can compare the features I get at London Gates to the ones I have used before. London Gates’ website happens to be one of the easiest websites to use. It is clear that it is designed keeping in mind the fact that traders of different ages and experiences use the forum. The overall look of the forum is super attractive and the white backdrop is a bonus. Most platforms have a monochorionic theme. I find it very hard to work with because the already boring trading processes become even monotonous. I have to say that for someone like me their light theme is breath of fresh air. 

Integrated graphics and easy navigation let you reach your desired button in no time. I know the basic framework is the same but their innovative presentation makes the experience phenomenal. 


We all are well aware of the crypto buzz. Traders form a segment who are very interested in digital currency. This is why London Gates provided them with a range of cryptocurrencies. I have to acknowledge that a wide range of options marks them distinct. These include

  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
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I was very excited when I got to know this because I saw it as a golden opportunity to expand my portfolio.

Software Strength

It is hard to pass a judgment on the software strength because one has to use it from both the phone and web. This reminds me of another ease the platform has to offer. You don’t have to carry your laptop along with you every time because the forum can be easily accessed from your phone at all times. However, the website can only be operated in English. This makes it useless for the ones who work in other languages. Apart from this, there is no time and date display on the page. I would love to hear about a software update addressing these concerns. 

Software Strength

Investment Opportunities

The platform lets you trade over 200 assets by using various categories such as commodities, stocks, crypto, etc. I was particularly impressed when I got to know that at London Gates there is one standard registration for all the traders. And not only this each one of us gets the same number of security layers irrespective of the account type that we hold. This shows how security is a top priority here. 

The innovative and efficient tools offered here have the real potential to turn the tables for you. And to be honest, these are offered to you for a reasonable amount. This is what marks it suitable for the neophytes. This takes me to the video tutorial on the landing page. It has been placed there to make sure you don’t fumble on the website and the video quickly teaches how to operate the user-friendly server. 

Learning and Education

All these years, I’ve realized that learning and education should never come to a halt. Because you need to be informed about the ever-changing market no matter how many years you’ve been in the profession. This is why London Gates has dedicated an entire segment to instructive resources. This is why London Gates is not only regarded as a trading platform but also a resource centre. It has subsections that have eBooks, Asset Index, Glossary, and FAQ. I was a little disappointed after finding that it isn’t regularly updated but the fact that it caters to all sorts of traders, advanced or basic in terms of knowledge, made for it. 

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Welcoming Administration

No matter how many years you spend on the platform or in trading, you’ll always find yourself in need of the customer care department. I have been referring to them every now and then, and not for once I’ve found them careless or any less responsive. London Gates has an exceptional support option that will literally help you land out of any problem you end up being in. I can’t even count the number of times I have filed the simple form. You can add a picture or a screenshot along with your complaint to clearly convey your point. This helps the allocated person to provide you with quick assistance. 

Welcoming Administration

If you scroll till the end of the main page, you’ll find the Contact Us option under the Legal section. I had a problem with its placement but at least it is clear and In the front. Also, there’s a prominent, blue ‘Get in touch’ button which makes for this.  So you click the ‘Contact Us’ option and you’ll find all the ways you can get in touch with the representatives. Either drop an email or simply make use of the instant live chat option. I wish there was a call option for the ones who like to have one on one phone conversation. 

The Final word

All traders have varying needs and demands, hence you cannot say that any platform is best for all. I can tell you that my experience with this one has been remarkable and that’s because of the optimal trading environment that I am provided with. The straightforward approach opted by the platform and effort to accommodate all is what makes it my favourite. If you’re willing to sign up for it, I can tell you it holds the potential to help you throughout your trading venture. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.