Should you continue your trading venture with Iron-Bits: Review 2021

Iron Bits

A good Trading platform provides the clients with security and education for the new traders. Two years ago, I came across the best fit for me Iron-Bits. This platform just clicked to me like no other. It is safe to say that online trading platforms these days are not as safe as one might think. So, I took my time to evaluate Iron-Bits and study the platform before investing in it. I found out a lot in the last two years and happy to say that I have chosen the correct platform that suits all my requirements.

I will list down everything in this detailed review to let you know everything about Iron-Bits. It is more important to know everything you can find out about the platform you want to invest in. I am not saying that Iron-Bits is the best out there, but this platform has definitely managed to keep me being its client for two years and I plan to continue my trading venture with them.

The platform offers a customizable chart, tools, assets (stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and even the trending crypto), and great customer services. I hope to write down everything I know about this platform to the best of my knowledge so by the end of this review you know what you will be getting with Iron-Bits. Let’s dive right into it!


A great broker needs to be inviting and engaging. When I first saw the website of the platform it did seem a little dark at first but what impressed me was the way they had designed their layout. If you notice you will see that everything is displayed on the main page. All the tabs go to the direct pages of the Education Center, Info, Trading Platform, Account Types, etc. At the end of the main page, there are listed all the security policies the platform follows. I clicked each of the policies to learn more about the platform’s security and I got to know how well secured the broker is.

With Iron-Bits I did not have to deal with any confusion, I never got lost while tracking some page or a certain asset. Some Platforms online that claim to be very good tend to be very complex for new users to interact with. In this regard, I observed Iron-Gates and saw that they have the simplest and most user-friendly website. I was not scared to explore the site and check out their education center, which by the way is all free for anyone who wants to learn about the trading world.

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They have a really good collection of eBooks for the new traders, and I would encourage all young traders to first educate themselves before getting into trading or investing big money. The platform seemed to lack a few advanced trader books which they can and mix up in the education center.

Overall, I think the Platform is a really great and well-developed part of this broker. They seemed to have put in some effort into their website structure. Now, let’s move on to their Tools, Chart, & Assets!

Tools, Chart, & Assets

Any trading platform’s greatest accomplishment is to provide the most customizable chart for the ease of new traders, a wide category of assets, and the best innovative tools. I must say I was impressed when I explored this section of the platform. They have a very well-built customizable chart. I was able to zoom in and out of the chart and set the time interval according to my requirement. Since I had an advanced account type, I could always ask my account manager to help me out with certain tools. Sometimes my account manager was busy, but he tried to make time for me. Most of the time I did not need any help because everything seemed to be very self-explanatory.

That chart is presented in 5 types i.e., OHLC, Spline, Scatter, Line, and Candlestick. While candlestick seems to be the default chart type whenever you open this section so what I faced annoyance with was the fact I had to change it back to OHLC to view the chart. Otherwise, all the indicators (which are a lot to even count), labels, segments, etc. worked seamlessly.


To the left side of the screen are presented all the assets. The platform offers more than 200 tradable assets. The one thing I love about this platform and must mention here is that not many brokers are able to provide the variety of assets that are available on Iron-Bits. They have multiple crypto (the most trending pair in the industry), Stock (LYFT, Walmart, Target, Tesla, etc.), Forex (USD/CNH, USDHUF, EUR/MXN, etc.), Indices (these I found to be less in number, but the rest of the categories are really impressing), and commodities (Gold Spot, Silver Spot, Crude oil WTI, Platinum, etc.). So, as you can assume that Iron-Bits has a lot to offer, and I have already taken advantage of a lot of their services.  

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Customer Care

Customer Care matters a lot in making sure the brand is able to keep its clients. If the customer care is not able to help the client in time or is not able to provide the right educated solution that would benefit the clients, then the brand starts to lose their clients.

It is safe for me to say that Iron-Bits makes a lot of effort in making sure that their representatives are educated in trading. Not only does Iron-Bits help their clients with their problems but they go above and beyond to make sure they are directed and educated by the real brokers which act as their representatives.

I personally faced an issue when I first started trading with the platform, I was a very young trader in the business, my instinct was to contact the representatives of the platform and in order to test their customer care for the first time, I tried my best to reach them through all the approaches they have to listen on their website. These are Phone (which is only provided to Australia +61894683553 and United Kingdom +441184640593), Email ([email protected]), Live Chat (Monday to Friday 04:00 – 13:00 GMT), and lastly the form.

I personally loved using the Live chat as it seems to make the most sense. It is fast and very efficient. I truly felt like I was talking to a real broker on the other end who was able to better guide me through my issue. I’m not saying that the rest of the customer care approaches are less than live chat. I used all services and have been impressed to be that they are always active via phone, form, and even the email service.


Obviously, without a good security balance, the funds and identities of the clients cannot be protected. In this case, both the client and the broker need to abide by some rules and regulations. The broker provides Terms and Conditions that I had to agree to upon making my account. They made sure that I read what the regulations were.  Besides that, at the end of the main page, there are listed the regulation, Privacy Policy, Withdrawals, Refunds & Cancellations, AML, KYC, Bonus Policy, etc. It is marvelous to see Iron-Bits making a real effort in today’s day and age in providing the security to keep all clients protected. Once I got to know about all these policies and what entailed I was able to breathe much better and invest more money with the platform.

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Account Types

This platform provides 4 very versatile and budget-friendly account types. They are Silver (250 Euros), Gold (10,000 Euros), Platinum (50,000 Euros), and VIP (invitational only).

Account Types

When I first signed up with the platform, I chose to start my trading venture with the basic account type that is, Silver, though it did provide some great features very soon I realized that getting an account manager would help me a lot to become better trading for the long term, and for this reason, I decided to upgrade my account to the Platinum account type. Getting the account manager was the best decision I made. We make time to chat every once in a while, with this Platinum account I also get the webinars to attend, weekly! Needless to say, this broker is doing something really right by providing these collections of great account types so they can accommodate all kinds of traders.

So, Should you be a member of this trading platform?

It is up to you to decide whether what I have discussed in my review about Iron-Bits really makes it stand out to you or not. As for me, I will remain a part of this platform for as long as they wish to provide the best security and the most trending assets. The platform in my opinion can add in more dialect so different nations can easily utilize their services. Overall, my personal experience has been great, and I see a great future in the coming time for Iron-Bits.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.