What are the Skills required for .NET Developer?

.net Developer

The list of professions in the IT-sphere is long. It is difficult for a beginner to figure out who is doing what. We previously described the DevOps position, and now we want to talk about the .NET developer profession. You will find out who it is before hire net developer, his responsibilities and how to become a .NET developer.

After analyzing job sites, we came to the conclusion that a .NET developer is a sought-after position. We draw your attention to the main responsibilities and specifics of the work of this developer.

What is a .NET developer

.NET developer (.NET developer) – a specialist who develops programs using .NET technologies. To work this programmer needs to know the following programming languages: C #, F #, VB.NET, and even C ++. These are the languages ​​that are compatible with the .NET framework. At the same time, C # is still considered a popular language for working with the .NET framework.

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What is .NET?

This platform, created by Microsoft, allows you to develop software applications according to the needs of the client. The .NET Framework is designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems, but is currently being developed over a cross-platform version for creating and developing products.

Experts write that the main idea for creating the framework was: to enable developers to create applications of different types that will be functional on different devices and environments.

What a .NET developer does

.NET professionals work to create products for the financial, social, scientific, and many other areas. There are several types of software products:

  • web applications. To use them, you need a browser and access to the Internet;
  • client applications. They can be launched by the end user on his computer or other device: tablet, smartphone;
  • games;
  • IoT (or Internet of Things). Technologies are being created that are able to control your devices (smart kettle or drone);
  • products for business. This includes CRM systems for tracking internal and external company processes, as well as for solving enterprise problems.
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It is important to understand that these responsibilities can be supplemented depending on the needs of different companies and their clients. Therefore, this is only a rough list of tasks and responsibilities for a developer.

.NET developer skills

There are several skill requirements for a .NET developer. Among them:

  • Deep knowledge of C # and .NET Core;
  • Good understanding of object-oriented development, use of design patterns;
  • Knowledge of SQL;
  • Knowing and participating in all stages of SDLC processes, reading requirements, understanding test plans and getting used to multiple environments;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills;
  • Ability to build effective communication with different levels of management;
  • Ability to adapt to changing priorities;
  • Perform multiple tasks quickly at the same time and innovate where it is needed;
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills;
  • Intermediate English or higher.
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Of course, these skills can be expanded. It all depends on the position and requirements of the company, but this is the main list of skills that will be needed in the work.

C # programming language (“si sharp”)

Any .NET developer cannot be called or be such if he does not know how to program well in C #.

It is a versatile object-oriented language that is a powerful software development tool with a wide range of applications. With such a high functionality, it is quite simple to learn and is perfect for those who are going to take the first step towards programming.

Due to its wide range of uses, C # is a highly sought-after language. Various job search resources offer a large number of vacancies, both for large projects with a well-defined conservative technology stack and for companies that create a new software product using the most modern tools. For more details Contact Us directly.