Want to Invest In Crypto? Here’s How to Get Started

Bitcoin Satoshi

Cryptocurrency markets are in the most volatile period of the year, with major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum seeing a really high volume of trades. Reports from trading platforms like Binance and Coinmama indicate that customers are panicking and looking to move to altcoins at this time.

There have been some major moves in recent months that have affected the market a great deal. From the astronomical rise of Dogecoin prices to Elon Musk’s Tesla accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, as well as allowing PayPal customers to complete regular transactions using crypto, it’s been a very active start to 2021. 

The Fintech sector and crypto-based digital assets are on the rise, with a huge amount of attention coming from investors and a number of very exciting projects which are still in the early stages of development. Mainstream adoption of crypto is very much here, with advertisements scattered across city walls and trading platforms becoming increasingly accessible to new users. 

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Staple coins in the market like Bitcoin and Ethereum are now seen as investments, offering ways to hedge against inflation during moments of uncertainty in the crypto market—the crypto gold, if you will. We’ll explore the best cryptocurrencies to invest this year.

Which cryptocurrency is worth buying in 2021?

Looking at the market right now, there has never been a better time to buy. With many coins at the lowest we’ve seen them in almost a year, it feels like a firesale. While many skeptics and even some investors are hesitant to purchase coins, as we’ve seen over the years the price always rises once again.

The figures from 2020 show that 32 million people in the United States invested in digital currency assets, which is a 52% rise from the previous year. This kind of mainstream acceptance of crypto is what has helped the industry to grow. We’re now seeing a number of very interesting new coins arriving on the market. 

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Aside from Bitcoin as a staple investment, it’s younger brother Ethereum is the obvious choice. Ethereum is so much more than the second most valuable coin on the market. We’re seeing the Ether blockchain used across a range of industries, ranging from gaming to fintech. The unique makeup of the blockchain is widely applauded and has a great deal of value beyond simply a coin that can be traded on the open market.

Another very interesting coin is Solana (SOL). The Solana project is a fast, secure blockchain which builds crypto apps that scale. The SOL blockchain has already been adopted by a variety of different companies, building projects in the DeFi and Web3 ecospaces. The coin is relatively expensive, but expect this project to grow in the coming years.

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The final coin we’ll discuss is Fetch.ai. This company produces artificial intelligence for blockchains, with it’s open access, tokenized, decentralized machine learning network. The focus on a DeFi economy, which is one of the driving forces for many new coins on the market. Major electronics and home appliance producer Bosch is one of the first companies to work alongside Fetch.ai.

So, you’ve decided which coins to go with, now all you need to do is access a trading platform and start investing. There are a whole host of great exchanges that are just the click of a button away, so take a look at what’s available and find one which offers the kind of service you’re interested in using. There are varying fees and benefits for each platform, so shop around and find the right one for you.