5 Useful Resources for Buying Bitcoin in the USA

buying bitcoin

The cryptocurrency industry has been experiencing its good times starting from late 2020 when the rate of Bitcoin boosted sharply. Inspired by million earnings, more and more new market participants started entering the industry putting their funds into crypto assets, trading, and making a profit. For instant swapping of the coins and performing buying and selling transactions, traders need quality and convenient services to work on.

The fact is that crypto rates may change in a matter of minutes, thus traders and asset holders keep a keen eye on those changes and need to know when they happen to make a decision right away. Thus, there are a lot of crypto exchanges out there that show charts of coins related to the US dollar and to each other. With their help, traders can build a good financial strategy as well as swap coins easily and profitably on time.

This article is all about the services you can trust, as they fall into the top 5 crypto exchanges on our list.

Coinbase Pro

We’ll start with Coinbase Pro as it is one of the most well-known crypto platforms. This resource gives you the opportunity to swap coins and offers traders charts showing prices of crypto assets in real-time. Besides, the site provides the users with order books and the history of an asset’s trading to learn and build a proper financial strategy. It is quite a useful resource for both beginners and experienced market participants.

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This platform is popular due to a large number of crypto assets available. That is over 200 coins to use and swap, as well as rate charts for each of them. The site allows you to see the coin rates related to the dollar, compose different crypto pairs, and watch the dynamics of their relations as well. You can get access to the real-time information on this website once you pay for the premium version. This is probably the only disadvantage of this platform. However, this resource can be called comprehensive since it reflects the information of other markets and stocks, which will be quite useful for an experienced trader. 


This is a decentralized exchange service that offers loads of cryptocurrency pairs available for swapping. You can find the main tool of the site — Godex calculator — on the main page of the site. This tool allows you to check out the available coin pairs and their rates. Thus, indicating the needed coins in the right and left sides of the calculator, you can see the rate in real-time. The fact is that the service monitors the rates throughout other popular exchanges providing you with the best and the most profitable conditions right away. Swapping takes only a couple of minutes. The site is user-friendly and easy to handle even for a beginner trader. It falls on our list of the best USA crypto exchanges due to its anonymity and ease of use. The service does not demand registration and passing the KYC procedure before starting trading. The funds you trade are not stored on Godex services, thus none of the hackers’ attacks can impact you. Besides, you remain totally anonymous.

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Bitcoin Ticker

This is one of the most convenient platforms for viewing Bitcoin rate. It also provides charts that reflect other crypto assets in relation to the dollar and other coins. The information on the site is updated in real-time. The charts clearly show the changes in rates in any time frame. You may also change the time period to see the rate changes in-depth. The site is focused solely on Bitcoin so if you need full information about the dynamics of its rate within a certain time period, this service will come in handy.


This is another site centered on Bitcoin. Using this service, you are able to see exchanges and trades that are performed on other platforms. This information may be interesting to both beginner traders and experienced ones. To see the market situation at present time, as well as current rates of the coins and altcoins, can be quite useful, and BitcoinWisdom provides this opportunity to its users. 

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If you want to notice very little changes in asset price, welcome to Cryptowatch. This site provides diagrams of the most common coins in real-time. The service shows live charts of the coin rates, and you can even see its every single movement if you click on it. This will be very useful for detailed learning of the market situation in certain time-frames. This platform will appear to be pretty capturing for those who like to investigate and watch the dynamics of crypto coin rates and gathering statistics.


To summarize, there is a lot of information and resources available out there. However, you should make sure to choose the most reliable ones. When looking for a suitable exchange, you should research all the options and find out their pros and cons. When choosing the exchange, pay attention to commissions and fees for working on them, as well as trading volume, which indicates the level of demand for each site.