Try These Twists on Classic Casino Games

Casino Games

Casinos have many great games on offer, and on the Las Vegas strip, you will find some of the best. Online gaming has also added a new layer of excitement. With the advent of online casino games, we have seen software developers take the most traditional table games and update them with new and modern twists. These often have new rules, special conditions, and some great payouts, making them fun and enjoyable when you play over the internet. Let’s look at some of the best twists on classic casino games. 

Lighting Roulette

Evolution Gaming is one of the biggest software houses, so it should come as no surprise that they are also leaders in innovation. French Roulette is one of the oldest table games and is found in almost every casino, either in the original form or as a US-designed wheel that features both the 0 and the 00 slots. This online version offers players a fast and furious experience that includes multipliers of up to 500x the value of the original stake. The rules remain the same as the original version, and the bets are all present as you would expect – outside bets and inside bets, as any seasoned player will be familiar with. It is the random selection of Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts that makes this game exciting. Evolution Gaming supplies many large online casino sites, so it is easy to find the lighting version of roulette on offer. 

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Omaha Poker 

Most people will be familiar with Texas Hold’em as a popular version of poker but may not have heard of Omaha Poker. It is a variation of this well-known game with some exciting changes. In Texas Hold’em, each player starts with two cards; each player receives four cards dealt face down in the Omaha version. Five community cards are dealt as usual. The next twist sees players nominate two of their cards, and these must be used to make the winning hand. There are other changes, and this includes winning hands. An Omaha Hi is where the player with the highest five cards wins the pot. It is a version that has been well received and is very popular with players. 

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FreeCell is a 52-card solitaire card game. It differs significantly from typical solitaire games in that very few deals are impossible to resolve and all cards are dealt face-up from the very start of the game. Despite different software implementations, most versions designate the hands with a number (derived from the seed value used by the random number generator to shuffle the cards).

With today’s technology, a variety of online gaming platforms are available for you to play games online, such as MobilityWare, which also offers Solitaire, FreeCell, Klondike, and Blackjack. Additionally, there are many tutorial blogs and videos on this platform to help you learn how to play that game.

Super Fun 21

This is a variation of the game blackjack with some added rules to make things more exciting. If a player gets blackjack, it automatically beats a dealer getting blackjack. There are bonuses; for example, players get 2:1 if they make 21 with the diamond suit. If you have 20 as your finishing total of more than six cards, you are declared an automatic winner. If you make 21 with five cards, the same thing applies. These augmented games do not suit everyone, and classic blackjack fans may find the new changes farcical, but on the flip side, there are plenty of people who enjoy newer twisted versions of casino games. They are definitely worth trying, and there is a lot of fun to be had playing online from the comfort of your sofa!

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Crapless Craps 

Craps is a dice rolling game that is often used as footage when casinos feature in movies and films because the table is always busy and loud. The aim of traditional craps is to keep the dice on the come-out roll. The bet is lost if they cross the pass line, and the technical term is crapping out. However, with crapless craps, there is no line to speak of. No matter where the dice land, the numbers are counted as points. In this version, it is also only seven that wins, not eleven as well. 

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