How to quarantine in Hongkong?

Traveling around the world has changed a lot with Covid-19. We miss beaches, sights, smells, and visiting attractive places for more than a year now. With the vaccination, we can hope that things going to be better soon.

Luckily, Hongkong is welcoming tourists now. However, quarantine is an important period of your traveling schedule. All most all the countries that allow foreigners, expect them to quarantine. So, this article is a quarantine guide for you to prepare yourself for it in Hongkong.

Arriving in Hongkong

Before arriving in Hongkong you must download the StayHomeSafe app. In the app, you will find an online quarantine form and Hongkong health declaration form. Make sure to fill the forms before landing in Hongkong.

Upon arrival QR codes of your forms will be scanned by the officials and assign to you with a Covid-19 test kit. Everything is well planned and managed by the officials. So, you will be directed to the right place to get these things done.

Covid-19 test and registration

At the testing area, you will undergo the covid-19 test. The medical professionals do it according to the government health regulations. After taking the test, health officials collect your test, confirm your place of arrival and check whether you have installed the StayHomeSafe app.

They also confirm whether you have a hotel reservation to spend the quarantine period. The quarantine period should be 21 days as per the government regulations.

Covid-19 test results

You will be asked to wait for 2-4 hours until the results of the test. During that time, you are not allowed to check-in baggage. You can have snacks and water from the waiting area. You will be given a separate chair and a table there.

If your result is negative, the officials will advise you to go to a particular terminal. Everything is arranged by the officials and you are not allowed to use your own transportation. The transport takes you to the reserved hotel for quarantine.

If your result is positive, the medical professionals will guide you with the next steps.

How to quarantine in Hongkong?

When you enter the hotel, make sure to activate your StayHomeSafe app. It informs authorities that you checked in the hotel. Each hotel has a Covid-19 policy and guidelines. You must spend your stay adhering to those. On your 11th day, your second covid test is taken. Again, on your 19th or 20th day of the quarantine, you will undergo another covid-19 test.

How to book a quarantined hotel in Hongkong?

It is best to reserve a hotel prior to your arrival because your booking is checked on arrival. Hongkong has named a list of designated hotels to quarantine. You have many options for different budgets and facilities. Make sure to check a few things when booking a hotel.

  • What type of food is provided?
  • Does the hotel provide local and foreign cuisine?
  • Does the hotel allow quarantine guests to the gym?
  • Is there a laundry service for quarantine guests?
  • What are the special services offered for quarantine guests?

With the covid-19, hotel booking policies, refund policies may have changed. Therefore, always make sure to read everything prior to booking. Some hotels accept free cancellations while some are not. If in case you are in doubt about traveling, do not forget to read the policies.

What to do when quarantine a hotel?

Think it is the best time to be productive. You are alone in a room with every facility you need. Don’t let yourself worry. During quarantine,

  • Try to stay entertained.
  • Maintain health and fitness.
  • Eat healthily. Do not skip meals.
  • Plan your vacation in Hongkong.

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