How to Design a Small Living Room

Small Living Room

Small living rooms can be extremely difficult to organize- lack of space, bad window placements, and the fear of making it look claustrophobic can make designing decisions extremely hard. However, some tricks can make even the smallest living rooms look bigger and cosier and we have compiled a list of them. You can also decorative patriotic house flags with colorful USA red, white and blue outdoor yard flags to add to your 4th of July & patriotic decorations.

Maximise the space

This goes without saying, however, there are a few ways you can do this in a way that does not feel like you are trying to save space. One of the easiest ways to do this is by utilizing the vertical space. Instead of having storage in the form of a chest of drawers or furniture that needs to be placed on the floor, use floating shelves. Another way is to wall mount your technology like the television. This saves space from furniture that would be used to hold it and make the place seem bigger. You can get your TV professionally wall mounted by .

You can also save space by getting under the sofa storage or by having built-in shelves that won’t make the place look as cluttered. 


Use an upholstered ottoman

An upholstered ottoman is a perfect piece of furniture that has dual functionality. It can act as your coffee table as well footrest. If you get one that has storage in it, it can make room for other stuff in your living room. Apart from its functionality, the ottoman also adds texture and pattern, which are very important when you design a small living room. 

Just like the ottoman, it is a good idea to use furniture that has multiple functions so that you can optimize your space as much as possible. If you want to have plants around, consider hanging them from the walls or ceilings. 

Use mirrors properly

Strategically using mirrors can make your living room look way bigger and brighter than it is. A big mirror on top of your sofa or a mirror opposite to your windows will reflect light in the entire room making it feel brighter. 

Having mirror wall décor is another way to reflect light in your room and make it seem bigger and less hoarded. The idea is to make your living room feel less dark and cramped. However, make sure that your mirrors are not reflecting the light on the television. 

Utilize the windows

Having big windows can change the way your room looks. If possible, go for floor to ceiling windows that will make the whole room bright and light and airy. This helps in giving the illusion of a bigger space and also reduces claustrophobia. Having a skylight in your living room is another way to make your living room feel bigger. Try going for linen curtains or sheer curtains if possible as they give the illusion of a brighter space. 


Go for minimalism

This does not mean that your space should look empty and impersonal. Simply go for furniture that has a function. Make sure your décor had multiple functions as well so you can avoid clutter. If you are not about minimalism at all, try using textures and patterns on the wall so that the space caters to your aesthetic. Just because you are going to design a small living room, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it feel personal or give it personality. 

Install smart lighting 

Lightning is an important part of making the living room feel brighter. Install light fixtures that also function as art décor and add character to your room. This saves you space while not taking away from your aesthetic. Try to avoid lamps that need to be placed on the floor as they just take up space and can be replaced with wall lights. 


Try to maximize natural sunlight and daylight in the daytime and go for yellow lights at night so that you don’t strain your eyes. 

Accent it

Accenting the room can make it feel bigger and brighter while simultaneously giving it an edge. Choose a wall and use pattern wallpaper on it to make it the focal point. Alternatively, you can mount your television on this wall to avoid two contrasting focal points that might compete with each other and make the space look smaller. 

Rugs are another great way of adding accents to your room. A colourful and bright rug will make for the perfect cosy accessory that adds to the character of the room without making it feel claustrophobic and will make it easier to design a small living room.

Adding cushions and throw blankets that compliment your textured walls or rugs can provide an easy way to make the living room feel balanced and harmonious as well as bigger and brighter. 

In the end, it is important to remember that the space is yours and you will be spending a lot of time there, so you should choose to design it in a way that feels true to you and makes you feel happy. 

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