¡MAYDAY & Murs! Lyrics – Homies Toys


Waddup tho?!
It’s ya boy murs
I’m down here in miami
Fuckin with ma homies mayday
Recognise burns, geo, nas
And uh
We been at this cuban american social club
Making this record
And if I can be non-biased and like
Completely objectionable
Whatever the fuck
The shit sounds fucking phenomenal
I’m from mid-city Los Angeles, California
I flew out 4000 fucking miles or some shit like that
To do this album
And when we come together
We go by the name of mursday
So imma need everybody to brace themselves
For some of the most amazing music you’ve heard
In the past uuuuuhhhh 40 years
Mursday, mursday, mursday…

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