All About Maine Coon Cats

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Choosing a pet is one of the most complicated decisions one can make in their life. It is not something that you can underestimate even if you are taking care of a non-speaking being. These animals have needs that you need to address, and it is not just food, water, and shelter. You also need to invest some time into them since these are also beings that need some love and care from their owners. If you cannot dedicate a good chunk of your time to these critters, then you might not be fit to be a pet owner. 

One of the most popular pets that you can own is a cat. It is a part of the feline species and one of the oldest choices for animals being kept at home. There are records as far as Mesopotamia that describe how ancient people took care of these felines. Of course, everyone knows Egypt: one of the greatest empires of the ancient. Egyptians love their cats so much that they even consider them sacred and having them around is a blessing from the gods.

Feline Care And Development

In the modern world, it is almost the same with all the veneration. Everyone knows corners of the internet wherein it is just dedicated to these animals. It can either be videos that would be portraying them in various situations or simply playing around. Many people are enamored by cats due to their ability to survive with little to no human intervention. It does not mean that you can let them live on their own though as you still need to keep an eye out for them.

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You might be familiar with most cats, but most people are not familiar with their breeds. Dogs are usually the main topic when it comes to talking about it since there are more famous types compared to felines in the world. For example, many are familiar with a German shepherd and what it looks like in real life. Some even connect it with their common locations or jobs such as police and search and rescue operations. Meanwhile, most common folks just look at cats and say all of them are the same.

However, there is a growing trend in the pet world. It is the preference for a certain cat breed over others. Even though it is still better to adopt, you might have the capability to own something like it. Maine Coon cats are one of the most popular breeds around, and there are also famous personalities in this lineage. It is rather tricky to take care of this kind of feline though as there are some considerations that you need to know. 

Many (if not all) of these considerations might save you some time, effort, and even prolong the life of your pet. 

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Some Things That You Need To Know

This cat is huge.

If there is one thing that you should be aware of first, it is a huge breed. It is not the same as for dogs, but it is of considerable size especially compared to other members of its species. They can get heavy as well, but you can always control their diet. Most of them can reach up to 18 lbs though, and males can get larger. You do not have to invest in a large house, but you may be surprised once they grow into full size. 

It is adaptable compared to its kin.

There has been a notion that most felines do not care about their owners and are less affectionate compared to dogs. It might stem from their behavior, as they are usually solitary creatures like some of their bigger cousins. However, Maine Coon cats are known for their friendliness and can adapt to almost any family or even other animals. As long as you treat it right, then you do not need to worry too much about behavioral concerns unlike on this page: 

They can get a bit silly.

One of the main characteristics of the Maine Coon cat though is its playfulness. Some experts say that it retains its kitten-like behaviors even up to adulthood. You can always see this in males, who will always try to tackle some things and end up being silly. Females tend to be more refined, but they can also act similarly. Having them at home is something that most people would probably enjoy since they are quite interactive. 

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They can also turn into chasers.

Cats were bred by humans to hunt small rodents, and it has been this way for a long time. However, the modern world has minimized this need due to other ways that you can keep rodents out of your home. Some breeds like Maine Coon though maintain this as a part of their behavior. If you want to own one, then we might suggest not to pair them with smaller animals like hamsters and guinea pigs. They might end up attacking them because the cat would think that they are prey.

They are prone to some diseases.

Both purebred and mixed Maine Coons will have similar issues once they reach a certain point in their lives. One of the main concerns is hip dysplasia, which makes it difficult for them to move. Other issues like heart and kidney problems might also appear, so it is important to keep them healthy. Aside from a proper diet and exercise to help them develop their muscles, investing in reliable cat health insurance can help you cover some of the vet-related expenses when your cat falls ill. Companies like Bivvy offer coverage that includes congenital or hereditary conditions for only $15 per month. This ensures your cat remains happy and receives the best care possible.