8 Surprising Things That Might Be Illegal in Florida

Illegal things in Florida

Florida is known as one of the kookiest states in the U.S. This reputation is the result of strange news stories and some unique laws, too. Indeed, you might be surprised to learn about some of the activities that are banned in the sunshine state. Whether you’re a Florida resident, planning to visit, or simply seeking some entertainment, you should be aware of the following unusual laws that reportedly exist in the state.

Singing While Showering

According to various sources, the state of Florida has outlawed the act of singing in the shower. It’s unclear why this activity is not allowed, and it’s a disappointing development. Experts say that singing can improve a person’s mood, decrease blood pressure, and alleviate muscle tension, while showers offer benefits such as stress relief and improved mental health. Combining these two activities seems like a natural inclination, but Florida lawmakers apparently disagree.

Skateboarding Without a License

There are many sources online stating that Florida has also outlawed skateboarding without a license. Further research indicates that there is no clear protocol for obtaining a skateboarding license, though, nor is there any information on potential penalties. Luckily, this rumor has been debunked by an investigative journalist who confirmed that skateboarders are technically classified as pedestrians in Florida. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, this means that no license is necessary and there is no risk of criminal penalties.

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Parking in an Intersection

Florida boasts some very specific statutes when it comes to parking, including one stating that drivers cannot park their car in the middle of an intersection. The fact that this must be codified in law is more surprising than the law itself! If you forget about this law and park your car in an intersection, you’ll likely receive a hefty ticket. Partnering with a Florida ticket firm lawyer may be the best way to dispute a citation and achieve justice. A firm like this can also help you with speeding tickets, license suspension, and registration infractions.

Hanging Clothes on a Clothesline

Yet another strange Florida law is the apparent prohibition of drying clothes on a clothesline. The advent of the drying machine makes this standard somewhat obsolete, but this odd law is still widely reported online. It’s possible that there was a clothesline ban at some point in the state, but this is no longer the case. In fact, Florida Statute 163.04 specifically grants citizens the “right to dry,” indicating that they may hang a clothesline on their property.

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Cohabitating With a Partner

Social norms have changed rapidly in the last few decades, and one of the biggest shifts is the rise in cohabitation between unmarried partners. In 1868, though, Florida legislators passed a law banning this type of living arrangement. Luckily, this law was repealed in 2016, and unwed partners are now free to share their home without fear of criminal consequences.

Imitating Animals

This law is bad news for youngsters who enjoy playing pretend. Some sources online report that Florida has outlawed the imitation of animals by humans. Imitation may include recreating animal noises or even dressing up as an animal. Finding a source for this law is difficult, so it’s possible that no such law exists. Even if it does, though, it’s highly unlikely that anybody will face criminal charges if they happen to imitate an animal — but you may avoid it just in case.

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Not Notifying Neighbor of a Fire

If you see that your neighbor’s house is on fire, of course you’ll call 911 immediately. You may also try to notify the neighbor if it’s unclear that they’re aware. Failure to do this is negligent and dangerous, and in Florida, it’s also illegal. This law is odd, though, because a person will probably notice if their home is ablaze. You typically don’t need to tell them if they can see it with their own eyes.

Feeding or Domesticating Alligators

Another unique phenomenon found in Florida is its thriving population of alligators. These enormous animals sometimes make appearances in residential areas. Unfortunately, they may attack humans unprovoked, which makes them a serious threat to Florida citizens. It makes sense that feeding and domesticating these animals is illegal, but it doesn’t make sense why anybody would attempt to do this in the first place!

For all of its quirks and weird laws, Florida is a beautiful place to visit or call home. If you’re worried about the legality of an action, do some research to be on the safe side.