21 Apps Every Man Should Have in 2022

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Apps are slowly taking over our lives. It’s no longer just a matter of using apps on your smartphone for communications or entertainment purposes. Now, some apps provide actual value to improve specific areas in one’s life.

In a recent study conducted by international market research and consulting company, Gartner Inc., the number of mobile apps has reached about 36.9 billion this year—an increase from 25 billion in 2015.

So, which apps should every guy have in 2022? Here’s a list of 21 apps that can make your life the best it ever was.


There’s no denying the fact that weight loss is a challenge for most men. However, taking control of your diet and physical activities can be highly beneficial in the long run. With Fitbit, you’ll have a complete solution to track your calories as well as log your workouts from the comfort of one app.


Most men prefer simplicity when it comes to their phones. They like apps that can help them stay organized and productive without spending hours trying to figure out how to use the app. That’s why Evernote is a great choice for keeping all your notes, files, and lists in one place—organized by category.


Grammarly makes sure you always write correctly and effectively on popular social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, as well as emails and blog posts. This tool helps improve organic traffic with proven results from previous tests conducted on its blog.

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More than just a music player, Spotify also allows you to create customized playlists which means that whatever genre of music you’re into, you’re always in for a treat.


This is the perfect app for men who are highly organized and want to keep track of their tasks, projects, or businesses. This app makes it easy for men to organize their lives without any hassle.


With Pushbullet, you’ll be able to share links, notes, phone numbers and more between all your devices without any hassle. This saves time so that you can easily access files stored on your laptop directly from your smartphone.


Notedrop stores all your written ideas no matter where they come from—text messages, emails, whiteboards, etc.—so that you don’t need to worry about losing them anymore. No more frantic searches for that idea you had when you’re in the zone, Notedrop is here to save the day.


Whether it’s receipts or notes taken during business meetings, CamScanner can help make your life easy by turning them into editable scans that you can store on your phone. This app also allows you to share files in a snap so that others can work together with you on projects without any hassle.


Cookpad helps men eat healthily and lose weight by providing recipes for meals that are already planned out according to their taste profile—essentially creating personalized meal plans tailored just for them!


All men want an easier way to manage their expenses and Expensify does just that. This simple app allows you to track your expenses and create reports in seconds.


World Clock

For men who are constantly on the go, World Clock helps them keep track of time in different parts of the world without any hassle. This app also allows you to set alarms for reminders and you can even choose various color themes depending on your preference.

Google Maps

Google Maps is such a helpful app for men because it provides driving, transit, and walking directions as well as the ability to explore different parts of the world. While most other map apps can only provide you with driving directions, Google Maps makes sure that you get the best route possible depending on your mode of transportation or preferred method.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter helps you save money and stay on budget by providing real-time updates on currency exchange rates so that you can always afford the things you need.

Dating Apps

Dating apps are great for the busy man who finds it difficult to meet people in real life. These dating apps or sugar daddy apps are designed to help you find your perfect sugar baby, sugar daddies, life partners, or companions who match your interests and preferences.


It is an essential app for the man who knows that time is of the essence especially when it’s taking too long to get a taxi. Uber uses GPS technology to pick you up and take you where you need to go with no hassle.


SpotHero beats out other parking apps because it can help men find available spots in garages and lots near their destination. You can even book a spot up to 30 days in advance!



YPlan is a helpful app for spontaneous men who want to go out and do something but don’t know what. This app allows you to find and buy last-minute tickets to shows, events, and more in just three clicks!

Own The Room

Own The Room was developed by professional male speakers and coaches to help men become better speakers. From overcoming stage fright to building confidence, Own The Room has useful tips that men can use in real-life situations.


Slack is a favorite app among entrepreneurs for its easy-to-use chatroom feature which makes it easier to communicate with your team members throughout the day. You can even make announcements, share files, and group chats with other members using this app.


For the busy male who wants to stay up to date on what’s happening around town, lndu is a must-have app. This application provides men with live updates of events and promotions at bars, restaurants, and clubs in real-time so that they can always find something to do.


Mint is a helpful money management tool that helps men easily track their spending to help them save more money. This app allows you to set financial goals so that you can create a budget and stick to it!

The Bottom Line

There are so many helpful apps out there for men who are always on the go! From tools that help you save more money to apps that provide you with personalized meal plans, these 21 apps can make a difference in your life.

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