Why is Ahmedabad Considered a Good Place to Live?

pg in ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has become one of the fastest growing metropolises in India over the last two decades. What is the explanation behind this? Every year, thousands of working professionals and entrepreneurs fill the IT culture. Ahmedabad, once known for its parks and lakes, has undergone great change in recent years. Despite many changes, the city has found the right balance between cultural diversity and rapid technological development. If you are planning to move to Ahmedabad, you need to consider your alternatives before renting a house. You need a space that meets all your requirements.  Living in PG in Ahmedabad will help you enjoy life in this area. Happiness of introverts and ecstasy of extroverts.

Whether you enjoy spending quiet days reading books or working on the playground, Ahmedabad has many options for you. Even if you love nature, there are plenty of bars, playgrounds and sports clubs in the area, so you won’t be disappointed.

Ahmedabad has been developed for many years to provide the greatest possible life experience. It has all the infrastructure needed to live a truly luxurious life. Ahmedabad offers something for everyone, from wide green streets to striking shopping malls, from luxury residential complexes to community centres with diverse and eclectic tastes. The fact that you have a wonderful life when you live in someone else’s comfort, you are involved in most parts of the city, you are in the bosom of nature, and you are a stone’s throw from the most exotic. eating at the end of a sad night.

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It’s a lively neighbourhood to live. And that vitality has its price. In recent years, co-living facilities have been introduced in the region, known for their exclusivity and luxurious mansions. Whether you are part of a professional family or just starting out.

Too nice to leave

Ahmedabad is a paradise for food lovers, whether it is the recently ended month of Ramadan, or the street has been the month of Khao Gully, or various bars and cafes to celebrate every occasion. . The variety of kitchens available here at any given time is enormous, from morning breakfast shops to late night meals at midnight.

A place that shows the diversity of the country as a whole

Ahmedabad is a beautiful combination of East and West India, North and South and North and South. There is nothing in Ahmedabad that will make you feel like you are in southern India, from food to the people who live and work there. People from all over the country, from Manipur to Delhi to Goa, can be found in the city, seamlessly united. The area offers hundreds of cultural activities every year, including all major festivals.

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A greener aura

The atmosphere of Ahmedabad is one of the reasons for its appeal. Ahmedabad is located in the city centre and offers easy access to North and South Ahmedabad. On the one hand, Ahmedabad is punished for its unprovoked traffic, while Ahmedabad has some of its excellent connections. But that is not all.

A commercial aspect that attracts everyone. This is a top priority not only for developers, but also for expats and students who visit Bangalore from neighbouring countries each year. Ahmedabad is known as the start-up capital of India, with Ahmedabad serving as the city’s start-up hub.

How good are the food, laundry, and room cleaning services at Ahmedabad’s PGs?

In Ahmedabad, you’ll undoubtedly discover more than one PG with meals that also provides laundry and room cleaning services. You can also look for the paying guest options that offer delicious meals and help you enjoy a life just like your home without any hassles. 

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Which among Ahmedabad’s Boys PGs is the best?

It’s not difficult to discover a paying guest in Ahmedabad. The extreme pg, on the other hand, is one that doesn’t make you feel like you’re in pg rooms. Of course, we’re talking about Stanza Living. The city will not disappoint you and will help you lead a comfortable life to the core. 


It is one of the friendliest areas in the country, with thousands of start-ups. The rent is reasonable for such a central location and each block has its own brand. Block 5, which is a colony of KHB (Ahmedabad Housing Board), has restaurants from every state within minutes, the lowest power outage in the city and a continuous water supply. 

Sure, there are other popular neighbourhoods in Ahmedabad that are just as famous, but none of them come close to a balanced lifestyle. Ahmedabad offers co-working spaces, co-living communities, cafes, pubs, events, transportation, real estate and start-up opportunities, as well as a work culture. We can also only recommend that you go to Ahmedabad and enjoy the city without any guide. Also do not forget to keep your tummy empty for the lip-smacking street food. 

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