White Widow feminized Seeds


White Widow feminized seeds

White Widow feminized seeds are, without a doubt, something you want in your stash.

This legendary cultivar is a perfect hybrid, with 50% sativa and 50% indica genetics. It boasts superb yet somewhat mysterious lineage from opposite sides of the planet, blending it into one plant that’s 100% out of this world.

Join us as we explore the wonders of White Widow feminized cannabis and discover why it’s a must-have on your to-smoke list.

White Widow feminized seeds description

White Widow feminized cannabis seeds carry first-rate genetic potential! The name itself derives from the appearance of this marijuana plant, whose minty sugar leaves and deep green fan foliage shimmer with trichomes as the harvest draws nearer. 

This beauty remains short indoors but towers over you in the open air. In either case, it’s anything but fussy, requiring only simple gardening skills to thrive and deliver abundant harvests.

Each flower is a feel-good bomb dripping in THC. The balanced effect profile delivers the finest indica and sativa qualities, promising a good time with friends and evenings of deep rest.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it, here’s the basic strain info for those ready to buy White Widow feminized seeds without any extra persuasion.

GeneticsBrazilian landrace sativa x South Indian indica
CBDUp to 2%
Flowering time8–9 weeks
Yield15 oz./m² indoor / 24 oz./plant outdoor
Growing difficultyBeginner
Dominant terpenesAlpha pinene, caryophyllene, humulene
FlavorEarthy, herbal, spicy
EffectsEuphoric, sleepy, relaxed

Sounds superb, doesn’t it? Let’s dive deeper.

White Widow feminized effects 

Buds collected from White Widow feminized seeds send you straight to cloud nine. They’re potent but not overpowering, offering a THC ride that’s just enough for rookies and fun for veterans. 

This psychoactive punch is smooth and balanced, promising a delightful experience, whether you’re alone or with loved ones. 

The cerebral buzz is immediate. The initial puff sends a wash of euphoria to your brain, leaving you carefree and with a massive smile on your face. The high is a recipe for a fun time, with a burst of creative energy that motivates you to move around, think outside the box, and enjoy life.

The indica effects step in to prevent you from bouncing against the walls. 

The energy this cannabis plant delivers is underpinned with profound tranquility, which spreads from your gut to your fingertips and toes. It envelops you in warmth and fuzziness, leaving you aware and savoring each physical and mental sensation. 

Indica and sativa complement one another in this hybrid to create long hours of stress-free chill. It suits days and nights, leaving you giggly and calm but not too sedated to think or perform tasks. 


The nature of White Widow feminized plants lends itself to various medical uses, too. It can treat conditions in the mind and body, proving itself a valuable ally against anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, eating disorders, arthritis, and chronic pain. You name it—this weed can help. 

White Widow feminized flavors

White Widow feminized seeds grow up to become aromatic marijuana plants. 

Not all of those aromas are what a beginner would call mouthwatering. On the other hand, veterans revel in the musty perfume of this herb that’s so quintessentially cannabis that it reminds them of the old-school strains smoked in the ‘60s. 

The base is that of freshly cut wood and wet earth. The pure scents of nature transport you to a faraway mountain where no worry can reach you. This permeating scent is instantly recognizable to anybody who’s come in contact with it, and it’s the first thing you smell when you break open the buds. 

Things develop a bit upon combustion. The earth-and-pine aromas remain, accentuated by herb and spice notes that add layers to the entire experience.

The more fruity, sativa side of this gene pool only makes itself known on your tongue. The smoke is deep, thick, and cloying, leaving your mouth coated with sugar and spice. Trained palates notice hints of refreshing lemon and sweet exotic fruit in the aromatic bouquet, too.

Although not a favorite among novices and sweet tooth stoners, this flavor profile is loved by many for a good reason. It has uncountable layers for you to uncover and explore and serves as the perfect introduction to the stinkier strains of weed.

How to germinate White Widow feminized seeds

Germination is the first step on your journey between a tiny cannabis seed and a flourishing marijuana garden. 

White Widow feminized seeds might boast that VIP status, but they’re no different than any other weed cultivar when it comes to germination. You follow the same rules to sprout them, setting off on your new gardening adventure.

You’ll find many germination technique suggestions online. Not all have the same success rate, though. If you ask us, sticking to the paper towel or grow medium methods is your best bet for achieving consistent success. 

Here’s the paper towel method, step by step:

  1. Leave your cannabis seeds to soak in clean water for about 12 hours.
  2. Get a clean plate, a bottle of purified water, paper towels, and tweezers. 
  3. Moisten a paper towel and wring out the excess water. You don’t want it dripping.
  4. Place the paper towel on the plate. 
  5. Gently pick up a White Widow feminized seed with tweezers and drop it onto the towel.
  6. Repeat for each seed you want to sprout. Leave several inches of space between each, so their taproots don’t tangle.
  7. Place another damp towel on top of your seeds. 
  8. Leave the plate in a dark, warm place. On top of the fridge, cupboard, drawer—they all work.
  9. Check back in after 24 hours and use your tweezers to remove any seed that’s sprouted.

A tiny white taproot protruding from the seed shell is your sign of success. 

Alternatively, sprout your White Widow feminized pot seeds in a growing medium. It can’t be the soil you plan on using for cultivation right away, though, as earth too rich in nutrients can harm the seed

Instead, here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Choose a germination medium. It could be coco coir, a Rockwool cube, or a seedling starter. 
  2. Dampen your medium and place your White Widow feminized seed directly in it. 
  3. Leave it protected in a warm, dark environment. Again, it can be as simple as a kitchen cupboard.
  4. Check after 24 hours to see whether the seeds have sprouted.
  5. Keep checking until you see a taproot. 
  6. Transport the seedling to your soil or hydroponic system.

The latter method is easier for transplantation, as there’s not much of a chance that you’ll damage the seedling. It requires extra equipment, though. It’s on you to pick a system that best suits your needs and preferences.

Note: Not every White Widow feminized seed will germinate in as early as 24 hours. Give it up to five days, checking on them each day to pick up those that already sprouted. 

White Widow feminized seeds grow information

Look at any White Widow feminized seeds grow report. You’ll learn why it’s a favorite among novice and veteran weed farmers.

It produces generous yields and poses few challenges for the grower. The indica genetics bring various resistances and general hardiness to the picture, while the sativa side makes these plants lofty and prosperous. Call that the best of both worlds!

As a bonus, the White Widow seeds feminized version produces female plants only. For you, that means zero anxiety about pollination and finding seeds in your freshly cured buds.

You can grow these beauties indoors or outdoors, in soil or hydro. It generally prefers warm, temperate climates, but it can take some cold and still thrive. The only concern with White Widow feminized seeds is mold and mildew—these crops get dense!

Indoors, this cultivar adapts to limited vertical space and rarely grows over three feet tall. The Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique is your ally, ensuring that each branch gets plenty of exposure to light and ample fresh air. The flowering time for White Widow feminized rarely surpasses nine weeks. Expect 17 oz. per square meter of your grow space. 

If you choose the great outdoors as your grow room, White Widow feminized stretches to the skies, reaching up to six feet in height. Pick a sunny spot and sow your cannabis seeds after the last early spring frost. A harvest of 24 oz. per crop awaits in mid-October. 

White Widow feminized seeds genetics

An A1 strain such as White Widow feminized must have superstar parents, right? 

You won’t be startled to hear that its stellar genetics stem from two landrace plants. It might come as a bit of a surprise that, despite all the popularity this cultivar enjoys, we still don’t know for sure which landraces are in question


What do we know about feminized White Widow seeds, then? Here’s the short version.

Brazilian landrace sativaWhite Widow
South Indian landrace indica

Okay, but what does all of this mean? 

Feminized White Widow seeds originate from regular seeds, bred to produce zero male pot plants. White Widow regular seeds are a cross between two crops that grew and thrived in natural environments without any tinkering by humans. 

Usually, when a plant originates from a landrace, it has extra-stable genetics. People make mistakes more often than nature, and a herb that’s survived for that long is a solid foundation for new crosses.

White Widow feminized seeds develop into perfect hybrids, as their gene pool is 50% sativa and 50% indica. This genetic makeup implies balanced effects, growing ease combined with a richness of harvest, resin production, and delicious flavors from the tropical side of the family tree.

The genetic quality made White Widow a parent of many modern strains. You’ll find an entire lineage with this cultivar as its base. All these new breeds are amazing, but in our minds, nothing surpasses the original in all its magnificence.

Where to buy White Widow feminized seeds

Doesn’t all this sound amazing? Aren’t you dying to get your hands on White Widow feminized cannabis seeds? There’s only one more aspect to discuss.

Even a strain as high-quality as this charmer won’t turn out top-shelf if you don’t start with excellent genetics. Purchasing White Widow seeds from a reliable distributor is essential to a prosperous cultivation journey.

Your seed bank of choice has several boxes to tick to be worth your time and money. Most importantly, it needs to deliver high-quality products with stable genetics and real reviews to back their claims of quality. 

Other aspects to consider include a germination guarantee with every seed pack. You don’t want seeds that go nowhere! 

A guarantee that the White Widow feminized seeds for sale will develop into only female plants is another bonus, eliminating risk of pollination and seeds in your buds

A community of eager growers and stoners is the cherry on top. Getting real-time tips and encouragement gives you an upper hand and helps you overcome potential obstacles on your path towards gardening success.

The point is simple. Reliable seed banks such as Homegrown Cannabis Co. are the best place to get your White Widow feminized seeds in the USA. These companies ensure that you start your growing project right. 

Purchase with confidence in quality and join our amazement at this wonder of a cannabis plant. Trust us. It only gets better when you’re smoking the products of your own labor. 

A hybrid superstar

Whether you’re looking to heal stress or an injury, unwind at home after a long day at work, or check another legendary strain off your bucket list, White Widow feminized is the way to go

It’s the essence of quality, from its enchanting flavor and effect profiles to cultivation ease, that has even rookies growing stunning cannabis gardens of frosty green herbs. 

Buy weed seeds and get your cultivation process started. Veterans and cannabis connoisseurs keep a batch of best feminized White Widow seeds on the ready and a mason jar of these flowers at hand. Now it’s your turn, and you won’t regret it.