Real Money Online Casino Gaming In Ohio: Legal Status And Future Projections

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Ohio is not a state that associates itself with gambling, much more online gambling. However, this situation may change in a couple of months. On the 22nd of December, 2021, Gov. Mike Devine signed the Ohio sports betting law after passing both legislative Chambers. This move will guarantee the arrival of legal online and retail wagering, with Ohio legal sports betting set to launch on the 1st of January, 2023.

The Ohio casino commission was tasked with drawing up the new market regulations. Consequently, while online gambling is not yet legal in the state, we might start seeing the rise of online casinos in Ohio anytime from now if things go according to plan.

To be frank, keeping track of all the information about the online gambling status and options in the Buckeye state can be a bit difficult. Thankfully, you’re reading this article, and it will cover legal status and future projections of real money online casino gaming in the state.

Is It Legal To Gamble Online In Ohio?

Currently, online gambling is not legal in the Buckeye state. Online gambling generally refers to sports betting, poker, and casinos in the United States. Under casino law, all these are not yet legal. Therefore, you are unlikely to find any real money sites offering them.

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However, despite online gambling being illegal in Ohio, there are a few online gaming options that residents and visitors to the state can enjoy. The first on this list include the sweepstakes and social casino sites. Thanks to their unique business models, online casino companies can now provide access to the games you typically enjoy in an online casino or poker site. However, they are classified as sweepstakes under the law and not actual casino sites this time. Sweepstakes are not illegal in most states, including Ohio.

Other options available to gamblers in the state include horse racing and pari-mutuel betting, which has been legal since 2000. These options became legal after the interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978 was amended to accommodate wagers placed through electronic media. In addition to these options, daily fantasy sports betting and social gambling are also legal in the state.

Legal Gambling Options Currently Available In Ohio

Online gambling may not yet be legal in Ohio, but there are other gambling options that Ohio residents and visitors to the state can fully explore. These options include:

1. Land-Based Casinos

Online casino games are not yet available to Ohio residents, but that does rule out the option of enjoying them in a land-based casino. Gambling at land-based gaming houses in Ohio is permitted by law. Gamblers can enjoy their favorite games and win real money by visiting these establishments.

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2. Ohio Lottery

The Ohio state lottery is a well-developed statement that has been around for a while – since the 1970s. Under the Ohio state lottery, you can find various options like instant win games, in-state games, multi-state draw games, and scratchers. Online lottery is unavailable in Ohio currently, so you will have to purchase games at a licensed retailer in person.

3. Charitable Games

Since 1976, charitable gaming has been very much legal in the Buckeye state. This option includes activities like bingo or a different casino game.

4. Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing has been one of the oldest forms of legal gambling known to man. For those interested in this age-long form of betting, there are opportunities to engage in it in Ohio, both online and at physical betting shops.

5. Daily Fantasy Sports 

Daily fantasy sports contests have been regulated and legalized by the laws in Ohio since 2018. This means gamblers can take part in this activity and win real money.

Offshore Casino Gambling In Ohio

Although Ohio state does not give licenses or operate any online gambling sites, some Ohio residents have found a way to engage in real money casino gaming within the state.

They do this through offshore online casinos. These offshore casinos have their offices and servers located outside the USA. Playing casino games on these sites comes with a substantial amount of risks, and they include:

  • Trust: You cannot know the company’s track record or your money’s safety.
  • Regulations: Since they operate outside the US, they are not subject to US laws. You can’t know for sure if they are licensed or not.
  • Safety of Data: When creating an account or depositing in an online gambling site, you provide a lot of personal information. You have no guarantee that this information will be kept safe and not used for malicious purposes.

In the end, the reward is not worth the risk. It is best to wait till online casinos become legal in Ohio before playing your favorite casino games.

Future Projections Of Real Money Online Casino Gaming In Ohio 

The future of online casinos and online gambling in Ohio generally looks promising. Since daily fantasy sports betting was legalized in 2018 and a bill to legalize sports betting has also been approved, it is safe to hope that online casino gambling will soon become legal in the state.

Although no giant strides have been made towards legalizing online casino gaming yet, with online sports betting set to launch on the 1st of January, 2023, it is safe to say that it will eventually happen.

Once the law has clearly outlined the regulations for online casino sites, it shouldn’t be long to see some of the best online casinos providing their services in the state. Then, you can enjoy all the casino games you love from the comfort of your home.