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The lesser recognized youthful little girl of the outstanding entertainer Denzel Washington,
Katia Washington is an associate maker, publication aide, furthermore deals with various
components of filmmaking procuring herself a spot on The Equalizer (2014), Fences (2016)
and Django Unchained (2012).

Who is Katia Washington?

Born on the 27th November 1987, in Los Angeles, California USA.
Katia is the little girl of Pauletta and Denzel Washington, the second most popular of 4
children; she has two siblings, John David and Malcolm, and a sister Olivia Malcolm and
Olivia Washington are twins.
Her siblings are keen on the film and media outlet and have affirmed their performing
capacities to the world, with John previously acquiring himself a few honours, and is the star
of the present “Hotshot”.
Katia went to some of the most renowned non-public universities in Los Angeles, and upon
registration, was selected at Yale School, at last graduating in 2010 with a level in Arts.
Growing up Katia Washington got all the adoration from one of the most cultivated and
observed Hollywood entertainers of the time, Denzel Washington, her dad.
He once said in a meeting that Katia is particularly attached to moving and that would begin
getting into any rhythm whatsoever, procuring her the family title of ‘Moving Little Bird’.
Katia Washington has connected herself with different acclaimed film projects and has
primarily worked in different jobs behind the camera. She has investigated the fields of acting
and has taken a stab at heading too.
She is a remarkably extraordinary figure and we suppose that is one of the advantages of
having been related with the background way of life of the film business. (however, she’s often
inquired as to whether she is a lesbian and that can be very abnormal so we should clear it

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Is Katia Washington A Lesbian?

Katia likes to keep up with issues from her private life as far off as conceivable from the
media, all things considered, bits of gossip about her sexuality emerged inside the most
recent few years, chiefly as an outcome of her photographs in relationship with her popular
A few sources revealed her similar to a lesbian and surprisingly in an interracial relationship
with another woman. In any case, this multitude of studies stays untrustworthy till Katia freely
stands up.

Nonetheless, some additional investigator enthusiasts of hers uncovered a couple of
photographs of the lady whom Katia is thought to date. She goes by Colleen and she likewise
works in the background of the diversion world as an outfit creator, as indicated by her
On her online media pages, fans brought up that Colleen has a few pics of herself with the
tricky Katia Washington, the actual little girl of Denzel Washington, in any event, remembering
her for her profile photograph!
“So I was nosy about attempting to find some information on my beloved entertainer Denzel,
and I coincidentally found his little girl Katia’s Facebook page,” thought one fan on the web.
“So I check out a greater amount of her pics and those who have her profile pic as her and
Katia. Snap-on her page and she has some more photographs of them together. She goes by
Colleen. … If this is in reality well done to Katia! I don’t believe I’m ‘exposing’ her (assuming
valid) since these are public.”

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The career of Katia Washington:

At this point, Katia has not wandered into any acting jobs like her family members- Olivia and
John David.
Yale graduate Katia Washington was tossed into the spotlight after her dad let GQ know that
she chipped away at the 2012 Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained.
That’s right, Katia’s career started in 2012, when she got some work as an article producing
associate on the profoundly acclaimed western dramatization film “Django Unchained ”,
coordinated by Quentin Tarantino.
The Oscar-commendable film featured Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio
among others.
It was selected for the Oscar and when the film won, there are currently two Oscar victors in
the Washington tribe!
The film’s IMDb page says the 28-year-old filled in as an article creation partner.
Her dad gladly said: “My most seasoned little girl I see her burrowing her freedom,”
Washington told the magazine. “She doesn’t care for me discussing it, however, she’s working
with Tarantino.”
After two years she was a partner on the film “The Equalizer”, which featured her dad close by
Chloe Grace Moretz and Marton Csokas.
From that point, Katia toiled on the film “The Start of a Nation” in 2016, and as indicated by
Katia’s IMDb page, she likewise filled in as a partner maker on her dad’s film Fences.
Most recently, Katia was co-maker of the film “Death Nation”. Those assignments added to
Katia’s acknowledgement, by and by, she in any case remains higher recognized to the world
as a result of the girl of Denzel Washington.

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Even though Katia is as yet being principally perceived as Denzel Washington’s little girl, she
has endeavoured to really establish herself and is progressively managing different creative
and innovative jobs important for a vocation in filmmaking.
It can’t be rejected that she might enjoy a benefit because of her last name, and yet it is
certain that motion pictures are in her qualities
While her family and guardians have partaken in a long period of being before the camera,
around somewhat more than others (checking out you Oscar-winning Denzel), Katia
Washington is more inclined toward being in the background and all things considered!