Is Offerpad Better than a Realtor?


There is a lot of debate about whether or not Offerpad is better than a realtor. Some people swear by the convenience and affordability that comes with using Offerpad, while others think that you can’t beat the personal touch that comes with working with a realtor. This article will compare the two services in detail to help you decide which option is better for you.

How does an iBuyer determine the value of your home?

The first step when dealing with an iBuyer is submitting information about your home by filling out an online form. This form will allow them to do a quick market valuation of your home from their propriety software. 

They will then make you an offer based on the lowest comparables in the location. They will take 5% off the valuation price and make that their first cash offer.

How does a realtor determine the value of your home?

When you work with a realtor, they will come to your home and fully assess the property. They will look at things like the condition of the home and recent sales in the area. 

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They will then put together a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for you that outlines what they believe your home is worth. The listed value of the home will include the initial valuation and the cost of renovations.

What is the selling process with Opendoor?

When you sell a property through Opendoor, the process is quite quick. Once you have filled out the required form, you will receive an all-cash offer in less than 24 hours. 

Opendoor will also offer a free home inspection which will completely take away the hassle of selling real estate by yourself. Opendoor will negotiate the home inspection issues in their offer, which means you could end up with less money.

What is the selling process with a realtor?

The time frame of when your home sells depends entirely on how quickly buyers are moving through homes in your area. Sometimes this can mean that within just days of listing; other times, it can take months if there isn’t much demand or other sellers competing with you. 

You’ll want to make sure that your home is in tip-top shape before listing because this will help speed up the process of finding a buyer for it.

What are the advantages of using Opendoor?

Finding a good realtor can be challenging and time-consuming

Finding a good realtor is not an easy job. You need a realtor who knows your area, has experience working with clients like you and can help negotiate the best deal possible on your home. 

They also need to be available when you need them. With Opendoor, all these worries are eliminated because you skip the entire process of selling your home, and Opendoor takes care of everything for you.

Opendoor makes a cash offer on the home and has a quick turnaround time

The process of selling a home without the help of an iBuyer can take up to six months. With Opendoor, you get an instant cash offer on your house, and they do all work required within 14 days – so you don’t have to worry about finding time in between jobs or other commitments just because someone wants to come to see your home. 

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Using Opendoor is especially ideal for people who need the money fast, like those moving out of state.

Opendoor limits human interaction for those who feel intimidated

Many people don’t like dealing with strangers and would prefer not to have any human interaction when selling their homes. 

Opendoor lets you sell your house completely online, making it easier for those who want minimal contact during this time. This also helps save money on labor costs by cutting out middlemen, which means more profit at closing.

No need to stage or market the home

Selling real estate can be stressful, especially when dealing with details like staging and marketing all by yourself. With an iBuyer like Opendoor, they take care of all that for you, so there’s no need to worry about spending time or money on getting your home ready before listing it online. Just sit back while someone else does everything required without having any contact with them whatsoever.

What are the challenges of using Opendoor?

Cash offers are usually lower and make it difficult to account for the home’s fair value

An Opendoor cash offer is often lower than what you would get if you sold your house through an agent or on the open market. However, with the convenience that comes with using Opendoor, some people don’t mind taking less money at the sale because it’s worth it to save time and reduce stress. 

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With a low cash offer from an iBuyer site, you might not be able to establish or account for the home’s fair value. 

High transaction fees when compared to a Realtor’s commission

When selling your home using Opendoor, you’ll have to pay a higher transaction fee than you’d pay when working with a realtor. Opendoor charges a minimum of 7.5% commission fee, while standard real estate agents charge a 6% commission fee. 

This means that with Opendoor, you’re getting less money in the long run and are essentially giving up all the benefits that come with using a realtor. 

Zero negotiation leverage 

There’s no room for negotiation when selling your home through Opendoor since they use algorithms to determine how much money you’ll get from the sale. This can be problematic if buyers don’t agree with their pricing structure or want more time before closing on the deal. 

In this case, it may be best to work out a different arrangement like a realtor, where both parties have an equal say in what happens next during negotiations. This is often better than having one person make all decisions unilaterally without consulting anyone else involved (including yourself).

Is using Opendoor better than engaging a realtor? It depends. In some cases, it’s better, especially if you need cash and you’re looking to sell your house quickly. However, going through a traditional route like working with a real estate agent might be the better option for those who need more money or need more time to sell their home. 


Both iBuyer and realtor have their pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide what is best for your situation. No one knows your needs better than yourself, so make sure to weigh all options before deciding which path makes sense for what you’re trying to accomplish.

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