Influencing Factors in the Growth of Online Gambling’s Popularity


Gambling has long since been a worldwide hobby many indulged in, and with the advancement of technology, it only grew further. People worldwide can now access many different casinos using the internet. This means they can enjoy many innovative casino games. No matter where you play from, whether it’s a UK online casino or a USA-based casino, you have access to games from top providers that include big names like Microgaming, Betsoft, RealTime Gaming and more.

The iGaming market grows by the year, introducing many new games and innovative software. However, what are the most significant factors in the growth and rise in popularity of online gambling?

Top Five Factors

There are many factors contributing to the growth of online gambling services and the popularity thereof. We decided to look into the most significant influencing factors regarding the growth and popularity of internet gambling. Here are the five most significant factors that cause the iGaming market to boom.


People globally use the internet for just about everything and generally have a significant online presence. With the multiple social media platforms available, it’s much easier to do extensive marketing. Digital marketing reaches a broader audience and boosts a brand’s visibility much more effortlessly than its paper marketing counterpart. It can also reach players across the world instead of just the country the brand is based in.

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Digital marketing is also easier for potential players to interact with, as players can access the website with just a click of a button. This ensures that the marketing strategies have immediate consequences instead of possibly giving players time to forget about it.


With online casinos being web-based, they’re accessible on just about any device. This means players can gamble from anywhere in the world. They can access web-based gambling platforms from their computer, tablet or mobile phone. Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices are all compatible with web-based gaming platforms’ software. It makes it as easy as clicking a button to play on these platforms.

The sites are user-friendly and offer a navigable interface. It’s thus a lot easier to find the game you want to play than in a brick-and-mortar casino. There’s no need to travel to the land-based location to play the slot machines. Now you can just whip out your mobile phone and start playing. This accessibility caused the gambling market to grow exponentially.

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One of the leading contributors to the popularity of online gambling is the bonuses gambling service providers offer. These bonuses make it easier for new players to start entering the iGaming market. It acts as an incentive for players to sign up at a casino. There are multiple bonuses, making it easier to keep playing and gambling online.

Welcome bonuses are often the first thing that grabs a player’s attention, ranging from first deposit to no deposit bonuses and free spins. Gambling service providers can offer quite lucrative bonuses. This is often a deciding factor in a player choosing whether to start gambling online or not.

Game Selection

We can say that the massive variety of online casino games is a significant contributing factor to the growth of online gambling. Thousands of games are available, ranging from slots and live casinos to table games and sportsbooks. This ensures every player has some game they can enjoy and make the experience of gambling online so much more rewarding.

Online casinos and sportsbooks have no physical location restricting them from how many games they can offer. Some online gambling service providers offer thousands of casino games created by the best game providers worldwide.

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Extra Features

Along with the thousands of games available, new casino technology and software allow casino games to become more innovative. They can now offer more exciting gameplay. This means gambling service providers offer games that have mini-games inside them. They also offer different variations of the favourite table games, in-house games, etc.

It also means they can offer extra features like cryptocurrency payments and in-house currencies. Sometimes, there’s even a bonus shop or collector’s items. Online casinos can offer players much more than just a gambling opportunity, making them even more popular.

The Growth of Online Gambling

With how much of people’s lives today have shifted to being online, it’s no wonder the rest of the world has followed. Not only are there more social media platforms than ever, but there are also many online services being offered. Online gambling is one of those services, and it keeps growing in popularity by the year. 

This is partially due to how easily accessible it is, but also due to the many extra benefits playing online brings us. Players have access to many more games, bonuses and several extra features that make the experience so much better.

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