How was the Final Match of Euro 2016?

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The European Football Championship is a competition that generates a lot of excitement among fans. The best teams of the Old World take part in it. You can easily find out the football today scores with their participation on the sports statistics website.

Euro 2016 was held in France. This tournament was the first in which 24 national teams participated. Because of this, the ⅛ finals stage was added to the playoffs. In the decisive game of the continental forum met France and Portugal. The hosts of the championship were initially seen as favorites. 

France was more confident in its tournament distance. The team showed productive soccer. One could talk for a long time about its strong points. Additional motivation for the team was the fact that the meeting was held in Paris. Winning the tournament in front of home fans is always an honor. By the way, today it is easy to follow the actual scores of all football matches of the French on the sports statistics website.

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The final match was not the best for France. Portugal played great defense and, despite Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury in the first half, looked good against the opponent. The main time ended with the score 0-0. In extra time, the score remained unofficial for a long time. However, in the 109th minute of the match Eder, who came on as a substitute, scored the sole goal with a long-range strike. As a result, 1-0 was an unexpected victory for the Portuguese.

This triumph was the first for the team in the history of the European Championships. That victory was the more valuable.

The main factors in the final triumph of the Portuguese

Portugal had an easier path to the final than France did. Therefore, the team was able to save strength for the decisive match. In addition, it was not under such pressure, which allowed the players to show all their strongest qualities on the field. To find out the football live results of this team is easy on the sports statistics website. 

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If we talk about the main factors of the team’s victory in the final meeting, then among them we should highlight:

  1. The cohesiveness of the team, where each player knew his role perfectly. Thanks to this there was practically no misfires or inaccuracies in the team’s actions.
  2. Reliable game in defense. The goalkeeper Rui Patrício, as well as defenders Pepe, Raphaël Guerreiro and José Fonte played a great game.
  3. Motivation. For each player it was the first chance to win something with the national team. That is why in the decisive match the players gave 100%.

If you are interested in this team today, check out their live results of football fights on the sports statistics website. Only relevant information is presented here. The web portal covers not only official, but also friendly matches. All the encounters will be at your disposal.

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