How to Become a Hadoop Developer

hadoop developer skills

If you’ve eternally come over the time big data, you demand to have learned of Hadoop as a whole. A significant proportion of large technology firms apply Hadoop technology to maintain their large, shared datasets.

The problem occurs: who is a Hadoop developer? In common, he is an expert with knowledge of big data technologies plus is qualified for improving forms and policies. He can use data analysis consultancy services. If we are discussing Hadoop technology, it is an open-source ecosystem that permits you to examine and treat massive datasets in classified computing conditions. Let’s get a look at some of the principal functions and duties of a Hadoop developer in an order:

  • Qualified for the purpose and improvement of Hadoop purposes.
  • Analyze huge datasets to get a variety of essential business ideas.
  • Responsible for recording MapReduce jobs
  • To ensure confidentiality, safety, and additional relevant aspects of data
  • Capable of training and deploying HBase, etc.

How to Mature a Hadoop Developer?

Although there are no hard or special selection rules to participate in the Hadoop development area, you may get any product, grad student, etc. to begin your adventure as a Hadoop developer. Nevertheless, holding an educational experience in a few specific areas like network science/data technology, etc. will help you improve your fundamentals like databases, programming styles, etc., which will perform an important part in studying Hadoop Development.

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Presently, let’s consider all the required abilities and ways to become a Hadoop developer:

1. Learn the basics of Hadoop

Once you can begin your trip towards maturing as a Hadoop developer, the original and principal point you require to do is learn the basics of Hadoop well. You should be informed of the characteristics and purposes of Hadoop, and be conscious of the different benefits including disadvantages of this technology.

2. Master the basic technological abilities

 Before you begin your quest of acquiring Hadoop development, you should have checked and had all the needed technical facilities. Let’s glance at certain needed technological facilities:

  •  Programming languages;
  •  SQL;
  •  Linux basics.
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3. Mature accustomed to the Hadoop segments.

As you are now, you should be aware of the basics of Hadoop, as well as informed on the introductory experiences of the technologies – now it is time to make a move ahead and study the entire Hadoop ecosystem, it mainly consists of 3 elements:

  •  Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS);
  •  Map Reduce;
  •  Hadoop Common.

4. Principles of the important languages

After you are finished with the aforementioned Hadoop elements, you immediately need to get the relevant question and scripting languages ​​like HiveQL, PigLatin, etc.

5. Intelligence ETL and another similar device

Now you demand to fall farther into the nature of Hadoop development and become accustomed to some great means. You demand deep knowledge of ETL (selection, modification, plus capacity) and data storing devices like Flume and Sqoop. In common, Flume is shared software achieved to gather, construct, including running a huge dataset to HDFS or another relevant primary area.

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6. Get hands-on practice

Now it’s an opportunity to put all your general knowledge into a hands-on world and obtain some hands-on practice with Hadoop appliances and parts. It will assist you better understand basic ideas like data storage and visualization, mathematical review, data change, and various more.

7. Obtain the appropriate certifications

There are some of the numerous prescribed certifications such as Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer (CCDH), Hortonworks Certified Apache Hadoop Developer (HCAHD), MapR Certified Hadoop Developer (MCHD).