Failed to download attachment from a multimedia message

multimedia message download failed

Among all other annoying messages, we encounter online, “Failed to download attachment from multimedia message” can get most annoying too.

You can totally understand the importance of sending files online, whether you send fine via email, or some other application such as messenger.

File will never be transferred unless you attach it properly, or embed it in the document which you are going to send.

But if the errors [pii_pn_8a68e8c174733080624b] occurs, it just cannot get the fall through no matter what you do, which can become pretty annoying of course.

So, we are going to discuss some of the methods which we think work like magic, try these methods and see if you can solve the problem.

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Also, not that not every way has to work for you, so if one way does not work try the other.

Switch the network mode

Pretty basic, yet powerful solution can be changing your network mode, if you try to download MMS message while using Wi-Fi, then you can encounter the problem.

Just simply try to enable mobile data and check if you can get through, hopefully you will, turn off your Wi-Fi from settings and turn the Mobile data on. That is it.

Check your Auto-Retrieve MMS Setting

Auto Retrieve setting allows you to download the media on its own, as you receive the media, it will download it to your mobile or external memory card. It is a fancy option.

However; it does not always do good, sometimes it is the reason which causes the problem. To analyze the problem switch the Auto Retrieve setting off.

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You can do that by checking your messaging application, go to menu and there you should find Auto Retrieve setting, for some phones it says Auto Fetch.

Turn download booster on

Another thing you can do is to enable the download booster, however; you will mostly find it on your Samsung phones.

It helps you download the larger file size using both Wi-Fi and mobile data. Try to turn it on and see if the problem resolves.

You can turn it on from your mobile connections setting, go to more connections and search for download booster.

Try to clear cache

They say clearing cache solves most problem, then why not this one? MMS services rely on cache to perform most of its operations.

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Your cache could be causing this as it might be corrupted, you can clear the cache by visiting Apps settings on your phone.

Search for MMS app, and clear the cache for it, it might verify from you, hit okay and check if the problem resolves for it. Also, restart the phone.

Turn IPV6 Protocol off

Even though IPV6 was an update to IPV4 Protocol, yet it may be the reason you are facing the issue, just try to disable the IPV6 Protocol and check if it is working for you. You can do that from your MMS router setting.

You can also change the messaging application, and in most cases it will work for you, changing the application can be your last but powerful solution.