Add CVMarkets to your “under-consideration” list – Reviews 2021


Hey! I am someone you’ve probably never met, but someone you need badly. Don’t worry, I am nothing mysterious. I’m just another trader like you. But there’s something that makes me distinct from the newbies in the trading world. Do you want to know what that is? Well, I am a trader who has completed a decade in this profession. Such a long period of time helped me discover the secrets of success in trading. I’ve been able to get hold of them after years of failures and struggles. How cool will it be to unleash them while you’re still new?

I am here to review CVMarkets in an attempt to give you insights into something I’ve learned over years. As I proceed, I’ll try to introduce you to the lessons I’ve learned in a way that it doesn’t look like a sermon and that you add to your dos and don’ts list. 

But before we begin, I’d like to give you an account of how I came across CVMarkets. I want you to know that I had the misfortune of using around 4 forex firms before this one.  For me, bumping into this reliable platform was a matter of luck. My encounter story is a funny one. I was distressed because I was recently exploited at the hands of a fraudulent company that trapped me in the flashy advanced instruments and did not invest sufficiently in core matters such as safety. 

So one random day got a text from some unknown number in an unknown language. I would have ignored it but right after that my phone started beeping and knew something somewhere was wrong. I quickly logged into all my accounts and soon I discovered I could not log into my forex account. That was the moment everything went black and I had no idea what to do next. My wife and I sent emails to the company but they blamed me instead for the loss. 

Well, I gave up on it and was walking to market one day. A few days later I went to the bank for utility bill payment. In the line was a man who yelled on his phone “what makes you so boastful about your business, huh? Had it not been CVMarkets, you would’ve been crying in the washroom”. I picked up on that instantly and decided to look updetails on CVMarkets myself.

Jokes apart, I did all I could. Went through the webpage, read legal documents, asked seniors and the users. In fact, I also had a detailed call with a representative and after that, all my doubts were cleared. Now I was ready to trust the platform with my trading future. 

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All these years I’ve realized that it was a wise choice. You can earn lots and lots of money without a good forex trading forum but the way they play their part in your construction as a trader is phenomenal. 

Let me give you further insights into my journey. Three years back, when I first landed on the landscape of the website, I immediately liked the grey and blue theme. I feel like it is spot on and pleasing to the eyes. Although I am not a fan of dark backgrounds because they make it hard to focus, this one is different. A fellow colleague says he wishes it was white, which is a popular opinion. So I hope they let users choose between dark and light themes. 

The user interface is great. One can easily navigate through the site and reach the desired command button. Moreover, you can not only access it from your laptop but also from your phone. This means wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, just slip your phone out of the pocket and you’re good to go. Once I remember I went hiking with my friends and suddenly I had to use CVMarkets, I quickly logged in from my phone and got done. I would particularly like to mention the fact that the logo at the top allows you to get back to the landing page from the page you ended up on while exploring the site. 

Security and Legal Matters 

One thing that you need to look up for the first is security. If a platform fails to satisfy you with its security measures, you cannot sign up for it. One way to see if a platform is secure or not is to go straight to its legal section. The first section I explored was also the Legal section. In there I came across comprehensively laid out legal stances and policies. Going through them helped me establish a relationship of trust with CVMarkets which was further strengthened in years to come. You can have a look at  Terms and Conditions, Withdrawal and Refund Policy, Bonus Policy, Anti Money Laundering Policy, and Privacy Policy.

Contact For Grievances

Coming across problems every now and then is an absolutely normal thing. Irrespective of your experience in the trading world, you do bump into problems but that is okay because you’ll always find CVMarkets representatives at your service. You scroll down the main page and under the Info section, you’ll find the Contact Us option. Hit it and it’ll take you to a page where you’ll come across several options to get in touch. One of them is to submit a question by simply filling out a form that asks for your name, domain or complaint, email, and message. Add this all up and submit your problem. Apart from this, you can make use of phone, chat, and email options. I have found all of these options equally helpful and responsive. 

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Right Account Type 

CVMarkets is committed to ensuring that you pay for what you need and you need what you get. For this purpose, they let you pick between a total of 6 accounts. These are

  • Self Manage
  • Basic
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Libra


A self-Manage account is the basic one. You have to deposit the least and you get the least but this is just enough for someone who’s new and needs to get acquainted with the platform first. This lets you get market reviews and leverage up to 100 for €250 deposit only. If this makes you think of another platform with free initial accounts, let me tell you they don’t give you what you get here but it would be commendable if this platform also makes it free.

Basic Account

The basic account comes next. If you have learned it all and your business needs more, you can upgrade to the basic account. For a deposit of €500, you get basic spreads, a professional financial manager, a trading bonus, and improved leverage up to 200. The three-tier trading room also awaits you. 

Gold account

Next comes the Gold account. It is an improved version of the basic account. It gives your hold spreads and even better leverage of 200, risk management and financial planning, priority withdrawal, and much more. The private analyst sessions that you get in this account are very much popular in my circle. This is because of the professional advice you get from them. These experts keep an eye on the ever-changing market situation and hence their advice is authentic and can be trusted. I love the fact that these professionals never impose their opinion on you, in fact, they keep repeating that it is their personal opinion and they are here for consultation.  You get so much for a minimum deposit of €10k and this indeed is a stand out feature.

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A platinum account is the second highest you can sign up for. You need to give a maximum deposit of € 25k and you get what you need to develop an optimal trading environment. Let’s see what features you get. So this account gives you enhanced leverage up to 300, Platinum spreads, trading signals, expert analyst, and the most remarkable feature which is complete access to the Trade room. This has been introduced keeping in mind the way traders have benefited from it. I am a Platinum customer and I know how remarkably one can get one’s needs served through this account. 


Diamond is the highest one you can pay for. Deposit a total of €50k and you can get hands-on some state of the art features. This is an upgraded version of the Platinum one. One thing in the diamond account that I’m jealous of is the Bitcoin package. It has been introduced keeping in mind the crypto boom. There are numerous other features such as invitations to VIP events and personal analysts. 

Libra account is the highest one but this can only be joined if the company invites you. 

The Final Word

My experience with CVMarkets has been great so far. I got my hands on some remarkable instruments which could never be entirely explained in the review. You can always look into my favourite platform as an option but do not forget to look for all imperative factors in whatever you are considering. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.