Everything About How to Write a Good Business Cover Letter

business cover letter

Many people try to find a nice job in different business spheres to achieve their dream. However, even after searching, it is very important to make a positive impression on an employer. That is why your cover letter should be excellent. 

It contains all the information about your experience, achievements, skills, professional knowledge, education, etc. Any quality that matches position requirements is good for mentioning. The employer must consider you as the best candidate just by reading your cover letter.

Pay Attention to Formatting

Business letters are very formal. They focus attention on the content. The recipient must have no difficulties in reading content. Thus, you shouldn’t use fonts that are too cursive. Speaking about colors, black is better unless you are applying for some art position. 

Some companies provide formatting requirements. Make sure that you write a cover letter according to them. Most instructions mention the text size specification and the kind of information you should provide. That greatly simplifies the whole business letter writing process.

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Use Correct Writing Style

Nowadays, you can handwrite or type cover letters. Regardless of the way you prefer to apply, you should use a formal writing style. It greatly differs from essays. Experts from MasterPapers service describe it as impersonal, precise, and objective use of language.

Formal writing has its regulations. Over usage of passive voice makes business texts indirect and stuffy. Here it is common to use long and complex sentences. However, you should write them correctly. Any mistake may decrease your chances of getting a job. 

Addresses & Date

Sending a printed letter requires indicating your place and recipient’s address. It is the most responsible part as any wrong information means a different location. Do not always trust Google Maps’ indication of address. Most companies have their addresses easy to find on websites.

Thus, take time to verify this information. Speaking about the date, use a common American format while sending a business letter within the United States. If you are unsure about foreign companies, just spell months and write years in 4 digits to avoid confusion. 


The beginning of every business cover letter includes the correct salutation. Use the same name as in the addressee information. Then, you should indicate the title. It can be either personal or professional. The first one is more common. 

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However, here you should be very careful. For a personal title, you must know the recipient’s gender. Sometimes it is obvious from the name. However, if you are not sure, it is better to use the full name.


The main text of a business letter should start with a clear statement of your writing purpose. You should mention where you have heard about the position and why you have decided to apply.

After that, you describe your professional experience with skills. Sometimes it is better not to follow a chronological order. You can catch the employer’s attention by presenting personal qualities that match job requirements and responsibilities. 

Last Paragraph

The final part of the self-presentation should explain why you are the best candidate for this position. It is good to mention that you are looking for long-term business relationships with a company. Employers prefer hiring new employees for many years. 

Besides, it is important to get along with other workers. Consider adding information about cooperation and the possibility to be a good team player. Do not forget to mention ways to get in touch with you. 

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Closing & Enclosures

In the closing of a business letter, you start with a new line. It allows highlighting attention on your name. Provide it fully or just initials. If you attach any additional documents, you should consider mentioning their names. It helps to avoid misunderstandings or to lose some attachments.


Any text shouldn’t contain punctuation mistakes. For business letters, requirements are even stricter. In salutations, it is common to use a colon, while for closing, you need to put a comma. In case your business letter follows an open punctuation format, you can omit commas and colons in salutation and closing. 

Hire Professionals

If you face difficulties in writing a good business cover letter, consider getting professional assistance. Numerous platforms like the paper writing service MasterPapers offer excellent quality texts. You can easily adjust order parameters according to personal preferences. 

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